Rep. George Santos says he expects to be kicked out of Congress

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Rep. George Santos says he expects to be kicked out of Congress after a scathing report by the House Ethics Committee found substantial evidence of law-breaking by the New York Republican.

“I’m not going anywhere,” Santos insisted, during a protest speech Friday after insults and profanity aimed at his congressional colleagues. But he admits that his time as a member of Congress may be coming to an end, at least soon.

“I know I’m going to be fired when this deportation resolution goes to the floor,” he said during a discussion on X-Space on Friday night. “I’ve done the math over and over, and it doesn’t look very good.”

The comments came a week after the Republican chairman of the House Ethics Committee, Michael Guest, announced his decision to fire Santos after the body returned from Thanksgiving break.

Although Santos survived the two expulsions, many of his colleagues who had opposed the effort now support him, citing numerous misconduct allegations against Santos in the committee’s months-long investigation.

The report alleges Santos used campaign funds for personal purposes through purchases of luxury retailers and adult content websites, then had the campaign file false or incomplete reports.

“Representative Santos sought to fraudulently use the House candidacy for personal financial gain,” investigators wrote. He indicated that he would not cooperate with the report and was “evading” repeated requests for information.

On Friday, Santos said the details of the report were “defamatory” and “designed to get me off my seat.” Federal prosecutors said he could face any type of defense in the criminal case.

Instead, during the three-hour live broadcast, Santos took a contemplative tone, seeking the direction of the Republican “daughter” to be the “Mary Magdalene of the United States Congress.” And he lashed out at his congressional colleagues, like voting drunk — which he says is the worst he’s ever done.

“They’re all in ivory towers with white caps and they’re untouchable,” he said. “There are a lot of criminals in the United States Congress, all kinds of shy people.”

He said he decided to run for re-election not because of external pressure, but because he was frustrated by the “arrogance” of his colleagues.

“These people need to understand that when I say it’s done, I mean when I want it done, not when they want it done,” he added. “That’s where we are.”

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