Rep. Santos defiant in face of potential expulsion vote

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The US House of Representatives is expected to vote this week to impeach embattled Rep. George Santos.

Ahead of the potential vote, Santos recently acknowledged what his fate might be. “I know I’m going to be fired when this impeachment resolution goes to the floor,” he said.

Santos made the comment at one point. An hours-long audio chat on Friday night at Forum X, formerly known as Twitter, developed by Monica Matthews. During the interview, Santos claimed he was denied due process and vowed to wear the dismissal as a “badge of honor.”

What you need to know

  • In an hours-long audio discussion Friday on the social media platform X, formerly known as Twitter, Rep. George Santos said, “I know he knows he’s going to be fired when this impeachment resolution comes to the floor.”
  • Earlier this month, the House Ethics Committee issued a scathing report accusing Santos of defrauding donors, making fake loans and stealing from his campaign.
  • Santos likened himself to the “Mary Magdalene of the US Congress,” saying his ouster would be a “political expedient” for his colleagues in the US House.
  • In the Santos district, which is in Queens and Nassau counties, leave advocates are anxiously watching on Capitol Hill.

He also wasn’t shy about attacking his colleagues on Capitol Hill.

“They all have white pointed hats like those on ivory towers and are untouchable. I mean, there are a lot of criminals in the United States Congress. “There are people with all kinds of partnerships,” he said.

“And suddenly George Santos is the Mary Magdalene of the United States Congress. We are all going to stone this mother because it is only for political gain,” he continued.

Earlier this month, the House Ethics Committee indicted Santos on charges of defrauding donors, making fake loans and stealing from his campaign.

Personal expenses he allegedly raised with campaign cash included hotel stays in Las Vegas and Atlantic City, spa and cosmetic services, Botox and purchases at Hermes, Sephora and online fans.

During the “X Spaces” event, Santos said he would not answer questions about the report’s specific findings.

“What this report is designed to do is put me in a position to start talking about these line-by-line items to damage my defense. [Department of Justice] issue,” he said. “I’m not stupid.”

Santos A 23-count federal indictmenton charges involving aggravated identity theft, wire fraud and money laundering. He pleaded not guilty.

The Chairman of the Ethics Committee of the Council has proposed the decision to fire Santos.

Earlier, dozens of lawmakers – Republicans and Democrats – told Spectrum News that after previously not supporting Santos’ ouster, they now will in light of the report. Dismissal requires a two-thirds vote of the House.

In the Santos district in Queens and Nassau County, eviction advocates are anxiously watching on Capitol Hill.

“It’s just embarrassing. We should vote to fire him. We didn’t have a vote in Congress this whole year.” said Jodi Kass with New-03 Risk Citizens. “Find your moral back and do what needs to be done.”

House Speaker Mike Johnson said on Monday that he and Santos would talk about the options at some point over the holiday weekend.

In a social media post, Santos described the conversation as “positive,” adding that the evacuee would “stop the vote to deport.”

Santos has a press conference on Capitol Hill at 8 a.m. Thursday.

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