Resettling Gazans in the West is not the answer – opinion

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Two weeks ago, MK Danny Danon, former Israeli ambassador to the United Nations and one of the most prominent political figures in Israel, wrote an op-ed. The Wall Street Journal With MK Ram Ben Barak, former Deputy Director of the Mossad, entitled “The West Must Welcome Gaza’s Refugees.”

Danon and Barak have called for Western countries to take over Gaza following the current war between Israel and Hamas. Right-wing Danon and center-left Ben Barak were showing bipartisan Israeli support for this idea.

Earlier this month, current Intelligence Minister Gila Gamliel took a similar stance in these pages. After the previous attempts to resolve have failed Gaza Problem Gamaliel offers a similar solution to Danon and Ben Barak.

We still have about two million people in Gaza, most of whom voted. Hamas It glorified the massacre of innocent men, women and children,” Gammel wrote.

“Gaza is a hotbed of extremism.”

In the year Palestinian fighters from the Hamas wing participate in a military parade to commemorate the 2014 war with Israel near the border with Israel in the central Gaza Strip, July 19, 2023.

“The international community can help with the rehabilitation costs by helping the people of Gaza build a new life in the new host countries.” She added, “I am happy to hear coalition members from across the political spectrum, including the coalition and the opposition, joining the ministry’s initiative and expressing their support.”

Taking gazans is not the solution.

While calling on the “international community” or “the West” to take in Gazans to solve Israel’s problems may be a good idea from the point of view of Israel’s domestic security, this should not be the direction of Israeli policy for several reasons.


Alongside the military campaign, Israel must win a political battle for international perception. We have all seen pro-Hamas demonstrations in the streets of western cities and on college campuses.

The left throughout the West is determined against Israel. And as disheartening as these anti-Israel demonstrations are, we must realize that we are not the only ones in Israel. The rest of the West is also very nervous.

Last week in the Netherlands, Geert Wilders’ populist-nationalist PVV was elected to lead the country. According to opinion polls conducted in the weeks leading up to the election, rising support for Hamas among the Muslim minority in the Netherlands contributed significantly to the PVV’s victory.

It should be noted that Wilders and the PVV strongly support Israel.

Wilders’ victory is just one indication of where Israel’s support currently lies. At the United Nations, when an anti-Israel resolution calling for a full and immediate ceasefire was tabled on October 26, Hungary was one of 14 countries that objected. Hungary, led by another populist nationalist, Viktor Orban, has supported Israel since Orban took office. These are two examples of a growing political trend.

Followers of Orbán and Wilders, along with many Europeans, have suffered for years from mass immigration from countries in the Middle East.

The millions of Muslim immigrants who have flooded European countries in the past few decades have brought Middle Eastern Islamic values ​​to Europe rather than assimilating them to the Western culture of their new countries. Native Americans legitimately feared that Europeans would lose the western basis of their society. And they will actually see Israel fighting against the enemy that threatens them.

One need only follow the headlines coming out of Capitol Hill to know that mass immigration is the biggest issue in American politics today. Demands from Republican lawmakers and media influencers to close the southern border and gain immigration control are heard daily.

In recent elections, Republican nominee Donald Trump has made mass deportations of illegal immigrants and closing the border a centerpiece of his campaign for the next term. Simply put, for most Americans, mass immigration is the pressing issue of the day.

Israeli leaders’ calls to the West to help resettle Gazans in their homeland are both tone-deaf and misguided.

A win-win solution?

The day after Gila Gamliel’s piece appeared in these pages, Charlie Kirk, head of the influential organization Turning Point USA and one of the most influential figures on the American right, weighed in on this call by Israeli leaders. Kirk sums up Gamaliel’s point perfectly when he writes in X:

“Gamliel says this will be a ‘win-win’ solution: victory for Israelis and Gazans who can live in rich countries. OK, but how about victory for us? Of course not. Gamliel is trying to blame the West for taking terrorists and terrorists out of Israel’s hands and making them our problem. I support Israel. , so I say this with all good will: if members of the Israeli government continue to launch such operations, they will destroy their support among Western conservatives.

And Kirkos, a staunch supporter of Israel, is not the only one to express this frustration. I am in constant contact with political and religious leaders on the American right. On the day Danon and Ben-Barak’s article appeared in the Wall Street Journal, I was contacted by several leaders who expressed similar sentiments.

But it’s not just messaging. The resettlement of Gazans, according to Gammel, who mostly support jihadist ideology, is detrimental to Israel’s national security in the West in the long term.

Considering what we see on the streets of London, in New York, and on college campuses, do we think it’s a good idea to send the problems of the Middle East to the West? How can this curb the growing anti-Israel sentiment in these countries?

I shared these concerns with Gamaliel’s office. Her response is worth noting. She emphasized that the call for the rehabilitation of Gaza citizens should not be considered as a call for Western countries to help them. Her goal is for the international community to work with Israel to find solutions to this problem.

Israel’s leaders need to adjust their message on this point. And the pole should not be difficult to make.

Instead of calling for the West to settle Gazans, the Arab-Muslim world should be pressured to take responsibility for the problems they have created and are not always willing to solve.

Further destruction of Western culture and alienation of sympathizers in Israel’s war against Jihadist Islam should not be the solution to our problems.

The author is Rabbi, director of, a new grassroots Israel-advocacy movement, and co-host of the Shoulder to Shoulder podcast.

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