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Many of us in Israel are wondering. If America goes crazy.

It is nothing short of an intellectual, moral and psychological apocalypse to have people marching with impunity in the greatest country on earth and claiming to be “progressives” and gaining the sympathy and participation of others and fighting for “human rights”. There should not be much doubt that the heartless and seemingly mindless hordes in America and Europe are marching in solidarity with the barbarians who massacred our people in the most brutal manner.

The fact that people with the title “Doctor” or “Professor” in front of their names give intellectual cover to this madness shows how they look like Nazis, who have degrees, love Beethoven and drink red wine. “smart” and “cool” even though they are as morally and ethically corrupt as a person can be. These people may know the difference between a sonnet and a poem or a formula and a formula, but they sure don’t know the difference between right and wrong, good and bad. .

This is not a “let’s see both sides” moment. There are no “both sides” when it comes Deliberately torturing and killing children, children and old people, burning some alive, then boasting. There are no “both sides” when you mechanically say “liberate Palestine from the river to the sea” without understanding what the people you march mean when they say it. Yes, “both sides” have extremists, but only on one side they are tolerant and even with the main respect.

There is no moral balance in holding up signs that say “Pro-Israel, Pro-Palestine” today. At the end of World War II, it looks like we have a “Pro-Jewish, German” sign. Both suffered, but only one was responsible for the suffering.

Preview A peacemaker waves a Palestinian flag during a pro-Palestinian rally in New York City, US, May 18, 2018 (Credit: REUTERS/BRENDAN MCDERMID)

While the terrorists are a constant threat to Israel, their supporters and supporters are marching in the streets and universities of America and Europe. Some may think they marched for freedom, but if they could really think, they would be embarrassed and ashamed of what they have achieved. If these young people are the future of America and Europe, watch out.

“Active” origins of this moral decline

And where does this attitude come from?


for years, Gradually “wake up”. They fail to bring morality and justice to a concrete level. Instead, they created an ideology based on contempt for those they viewed as powerful and pity for those they viewed as victims. In this distorted value system, everything is implicitly seen through the lens of “both sides” but the only side that counts is the side that is painted as the victim and the side that they ultimately feel they have to stand on.

For the victim, everything is allowed, everything is excused, everything is understood. On the other hand, for those who are classified as direct and unscrupulous “oppressors,” it’s okay.

Jewish useful idiots have joined the left, perhaps once well righteous, to create an intellectual rot that has led them to embrace twisted values ​​of justice and injustice and has completely emptied their minds and filled them with shallow thinking. And reality full of slogans.

You cannot condemn Palestinian terrorist atrocities without accusing Israel of killing civilians. You cannot imagine that those who marched alongside Black Lives Matter, Gender Equality, LBGTQ+ Rights, and Pride of Identity do not care about Jewish Lives, Jewish Equality, Jewish Rights, or Jewish Pride.

After all, in the underworld of postmodern entanglement, Jews are at best “white-passing” and Israelis are “colonialists,” and no sympathy whatsoever is possible for either. Despite all this, many Jews in America hesitate or feel ashamed before they hang the Israeli flag outside their homes and wear the Jewish star around their necks.

Instead of supporting human rights and justice, those who are marching against Palestine have enabled a false version that does the opposite. Worse, they excuse criticism of Israel with the lame explanation that it is not anti-Semitism. Well, maybe not in the past, but now it is clear. Those who recklessly encourage hatred of the Jews are ultimately no more guilty than the enemies themselves. And this isn’t 1930s Germany, it’s the good old America.

So pray for Israel.

But I am praying for America.

The writer is a psychologist and senior fellow and researcher at the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs.

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