Russia, China may make ‘unprecedented’ secret undersea tunnel to Crimea: Report

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Russian and Chinese business leaders are reportedly considering building an underwater tunnel linking Russia and Crimea. The tunnel represents unprecedented cooperation between the two countries, although China does not recognize Russia’s sovereignty over Crimea.

Russia-Ukraine war: An aerial view of the city of Sevastopol after Moscow’s Black Sea warships hit their headquarters in occupied Crimea.(AFP)

The Washington Post reports that Russia is exploring an alternative to the 11-mile bridge across the Kerch Strait. The bridge has been bombed several times since Moscow invaded Ukraine. According to the report, the employees of the China Railway Construction Corporation (CRCC), a state-owned enterprise owned and managed by the Chinese Communist Party, “are ready to ensure any complex railway and road construction projects in the Crimea region.”

Citing an e-mail sent by Russian business leader Vladimir Kaliugini, the report called the reports “very hot air” about his interest in acting as the general contractor for the tunnel project and flatly denied any cooperation between Russia and the CRCC. China’s Communist Party wants to keep its tunnel project under “strict secrecy” behind the scenes, according to the CRC. , their work on the Kerch Strait project is “from an unrelated legal entity” and the corporation “converts the dollar amount into rubles to transfer funds to Crimea.” [consortium] projects”

China has never officially accepted Russia’s claim of sovereignty over Crimea. Moscow In 2014, it invaded Crimea.

This came as a top official in Moscow, Oleg Krychkov, said nearly half a million people in Crimea were without power due to high winds, flooded homes, snow-bound roads and damaged buildings, news agency Reuters reported.

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