Russia has likely already sacrificed air defense on NATO borders by sending prized S-400s to shore up losses in Ukraine: UK intel

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  • Russia is moving expensive air defense systems from Kaliningrad to Ukraine, according to UK intel.
  • Kaliningrad is one of Russia’s most “strategically sensitive” Western outposts, according to an intel update.
  • Moving air defenses out of the area shows how Russia has deployed in the war, Intel said.

Russia has redeployed its much-vaunted S-400 missile systems from Kaliningrad to the Ukrainian front, the UK Ministry of Defense announced on Sunday.

It is a sign that the Kremlin has paid for air defense capabilities on NATO’s borders so that it can at least replace the losses in Ukraine. It was reported that three S-400 systems were destroyed In Kiev.

as if Intelligence improvementThe UK Ministry of Defense revealed in November that “special Russian airlift operations” indicated that Moscow had moved S-400s from Kaliningrad “to replenish recent losses on the Ukrainian front”.

The Russian province of Kaliningrad is hidden above the northern tip of Poland, and is geographically separated from the rest of mainland Russia. It also shares land borders with Lithuania to the east, while Denmark sits on the west side of the Baltic Sea.

Therefore, moving the S-400s from Kaliningrad would be beneficial, the Defense Ministry said.

“As its westernmost stronghold and bordered on three sides by NATO member states, Russia views Kaliningrad as one of its most strategically sensitive regions,” the Defense Ministry wrote.

If Russia is willing to release defense assets in Kaliningrad, it will show “what the war’s overcrowding has done to some of Russia’s key and modern capabilities.”

S-400 Triumf missile systems Also known as SA-21, they are long-range surface-to-air systems designed to destroy aircraft and missiles.

They typically consist of radar, mobile command post and missile launch platforms. The S-400s were billed by Russia as a technological rival to the US Patriot missile system, and it is believed to be so. At a cost of 500 million dollars Each.

The Ministry of Defense of the United Kingdom was on November 9 He predicted Russia should begin replacing S-400s on its borders to compensate for air defense losses in Ukraine due to recent attacks.

He said the attack showed Russia’s integrated air defense system was struggling to defend against advanced weapons delivered to Ukraine.

The US surrendered Kiev. 20 Army Tactical Missile SystemsUnited Kingdom and France Long wave shadow and SCALP-EG cruise missiles.

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