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Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer said in a letter to his Democratic colleagues on Sunday that he would bring the national security package to the floor. It connects the funding of Israel and Ukraine Just next week.

One of the most important tasks we must complete is to adopt and pass a funding bill to ensure that we, as well as our friends and allies in Ukraine, Israel and the Indo-Pacific region, have the military capabilities necessary to confront and defend our adversaries. and competitors,” said Schumer, a New York Democrat, in a letter titled “Dear Colleague.

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell and House Speaker Mike Johnson reiterated GOP support for additional funding for Ukraine. It depends. In the yearTightening immigration laws amid growing security threats at the US-Mexico border. Schumer noted that border negotiations continued over the Thanksgiving holiday.

“The biggest holdup for the national security assistance package right now is our Republican colleagues’ condition on essential aid to Ukraine over the partisan border policy. This is a decades-old, bipartisan issue that has been subsumed into bipartisan priorities,” he said.

Schumer urged Democrats to work with Republicans “quickly to help push a bipartisan path forward in the coming weeks.”

Even if the measure passes the Senate, many conservatives will face challenges in the House over additional funding for Ukraine or tying together funding for Ukraine and Israel. Johnson’s Account at the beginning of this month It was quickly rejected by Senate Democrats to provide funding exclusively to Israel, along with implementing IRS cuts.

And Schumer may face trouble from the left wing of his party, with some progressives suggesting that aid to Israel is tied to humanitarian needs. Democratic Senator Chris Murphy on Sunday He said he was open. To place conditions on any aid to Israel with the aim of reducing civilian casualties in Gaza.

The White House Financial assistance request In October, it included $13.6 billion in additional funding to help expedite 1,300 Border Patrol agents and 1,600 asylum officers with asylum applications. It included more than $61 billion in aid to Ukraine, more than $14 billion to Israel, and $7.4 billion to Taiwan and the Indo-Pacific region.

Senators should be prepared to stay in Washington until we get our work done, Schumer said in the letter, adding that they should expect “long days and nights and weekends” in December.

Schumer added that senators will soon be briefed on Ukraine.

The House also promised to bring up a resolution to temporarily change Senate rules that would allow GOP Sen. Tommy Tuberville to pass the “brave and reckless” act. Hold high military candidates At the end of the year. This requires Republican support on the Senate floor.

The Alabama Republican’s nine-month veto affects nearly 400 military officials who need Senate confirmation for their promotions. Normally, nominees are quickly confirmed by a voice vote, but Tuberville has put the decision on hold until the Pentagon changes its policy on paying for out-of-state reproductive services.

Tuberville has Despite the pressure, he remained unmoved From those in his own party who say the seizure will harm military readiness and national security.

CNN Lauren Fox And Manu Raju contributed to this report.

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