Science writer to discuss mysterious neutrino particles Dec. 5

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James Riordan, co-author of “Ghost Particle: In search of the Elusive and Mysterious Neutrino,” will join the Lewes Public Library’s Science and Society lecture series for an online discussion at 5 p.m., Thursday, Dec. 5.

A hundred trillion neutrinos from the sun fly through humans every second. At any given moment, there are 300 of these subatomic particles, artifacts from the Big Bang, in the tips of people’s pinkies. Neutrinos are key to explaining why the sun shines—and possibly the reason the universe exists at all. However, scientists know surprisingly little about these ghostly particles that surround and flow through living organisms at every moment of their lives.

Riordan describes the discovery of the neutrino and the current state of research on this topic. Go to to register

Participants are encouraged to support the author by purchasing a copy of the book from local independent bookstore Browseabout Books.

Lewes Public Library’s Science and Society – Making Sense of the World Around Us series coordinated and moderated by Colin Norman, former News Editor in Science; Fred Dilla, executive director of the American Institute of Physics and author of “Scientific Expeditions”; and Linda Dilla, former public information officer at Jefferson Laboratory and the US Department of Energy.

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