Security challenges not be mixed with politics: PM Kakar

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• SIFC will continue to operate regardless of who is in charge, the Acting Prime Minister reiterated
• The government says it has no involvement in forced disappearances.

KARACHI: Caretaker Prime Minister Anwarul Haq Kakar has urged political parties not to link security challenges with political issues.

During the interview Geo news Regarding the time and equal representation of political parties in the upcoming elections, the Prime Minister, who showed ‘Naya Pakistan’, said that the criticism they are receiving shows that the parties are worried about their own election strategies.

“We are not spoiling anyone. Let’s hold the election and hand over the government to whoever. Meanwhile, I would really like to urge parties to stop playing the ‘victim card’ as security issues should not be mixed with politics. “We are trying to resolve some security related issues and other than that everything is going smoothly,” he said.

As the elections draw near, several political parties have accused caretaker officials of favoring the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) and not ensuring a fair playing field for others.

“We don’t play fancy games here. According to me, the caretaker government has good relations with all the political parties. “Most people are using the ‘victim card’ to get votes,” said Mr Kakar.

The host persistently asked him about his stance on Sarfaraz Bugti’s recent interview, where he mentioned joining the PML-N, if not part of the caretaker set-up.

I am not the spokesperson of Sarfaraz Bugti. He is not reflecting any government policy so I don’t feel the need to defend, explain or excuse anything.

He also made it clear that PTI will have full freedom to conduct political activities as part of its election campaign.

“PTI has full freedom to do all political activities. “The only ones who are not allowed to participate in this are those who participated in the May 9 conflict,” he said.

‘good news’

Regarding the economy, he mentioned that the public will receive “positive developments” in the coming weeks. He praised the Special Investment Facilitation Council (SIFC) for its role in maintaining policy consistency irrespective of the ruling party.

“SIFC is a continuing initiative, and all the initiatives it has taken so far will continue. It is growing literally and efficiently and is the solution to Pakistan’s economic problems, he said.

The prime minister was the leader of the Balochistan Awami Party before taking charge of the interim government and said that he has no plans to join any political party at present. But he said he would consider the possibility once the current setup is complete.

“No government involvement.”

Addressing the issue of the missing Baloch students, Mr. Kakkar said that the government would make a representation at the appropriate forum as far as possible. He described the disappearance of the students and emphasized the government’s ‘non-participation’.

“The government has no hand in these disappearances. Often the security forces pick up people involved in illegal activities.

The bitterness we are facing now is because, according to Baloch leaders, we the government has not taken enough steps to resolve these people,” he said, questioning the civil disobedience of lawyers, doctors and other respected citizens. He has faced similar threats and attacks in the past.

The High Court issued summons to the Prime Minister, the concerned caretaker ministers and the home and defense secretaries. This action was taken after more than 50 missing Baloch students did not return on Wednesday, the day they were ordered to appear in court.

The orders were passed by a one-member bench headed by Justice Mohsin Akhtar Kayani following the recommendations of the Balch Compulsory Extinction Commission.

In a recent interview, Acting Home Minister Sarfraz Bugti expressed his apprehension about summoning the Prime Minister, saying that the court is not appropriate to summon the Prime Minister for every minor issue.

In today’s interview, the Prime Minister supported Bugtin’s statement and emphasized that the number of missing persons in Pakistan is “the lowest in the region” as an aspect and a reality.

Published on November 26, 2023 at dawn

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