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The Columbus Blue Jackets are pleased to partner with First Merchants Bank to recognize small businesses in our community. Every month, a company like in 2016 Small business of the month Presented by First Merchants Bank. This month’s small business of the month is a collection of designs; To start your small business, Click here.

Whether in the corporate, hospitality or retail market, Design Collective has created memorable spaces that many have enjoyed in the Columbus area.

With a client-focused approach and a keen eye for detail, the company is proud to offer a wide range of design solutions to a diverse list of regional and national clients in the corporate, hospitality, retail and senior living markets.

Located on National Boulevard in Columbus and boasting more than 50 employees in two offices, the company, founded in 1969, has received numerous honors for being at the top of its class in Central Ohio.

“We are a team of designers and architects who come together to create great spaces for our clients,” says Ryan Geiser, architect and director of Design Collective. “We’ve worked primarily in the commercial sector, and we have three primary verticals, which are corporate offices. Hospitality, from country clubs to restaurants to hotels; and then the industrial market as well.”

One of the company’s most notable recent projects was working with Rockbridge Capital on their new 30,000 square foot facility in Easton. Design Collective’s innovative approach, emphasizing comfortable and collaborative spaces, earned the firm awards from the Ohio Kentucky Chapter of the International Society of Interior Design as well as the American Institute of Architects, Columbus, for its work on the project.

Recognized annually as one of the country’s “Top Giants” by Interior Design magazine, the design collective has worked on other notable projects such as the new Jackie O’s on Fourth Street in Columbus, Telhio Credit Union’s Grand View branch and Pines Mechanical Company, Forbidden Roots Restaurant and Brewery, and the Aloft Hotel in Easton. Locations.

To achieve such success, the design group believes that a strong culture is important, and the Columbus office has the confidence to work together to achieve its goals.

“It’s the best thing,” Geyser said. “We have a great staff with a lot of energy in the office and everyone works together on these beautiful special projects.”

The Design Collective met with a First Merchant Bank representative at the club level during the Blue Jackets’ game against Arizona on Nov. 16 and visited the radio station during the game’s first intermission.

For a company that has been a part of the Columbus community for more than five decades, Design Collective hopes to continue to be an integral part of life in Central Ohio through its designs and the experiences they provide.

“It’s great to be able to see the projects we’re involved in and help our partners build these experiences for themselves and the rest of the community,” said Geyser.

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