Small business owner frustrated after multiple robberies

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A small business owner worries about losing everything after investing thousands into a new building.

ALBUQUERQUE, NM – Scott Cloninger was growing his small motorcycle business. He even had to go to a larger place from the west.

Now, after investing thousands into a new building, he’s worried he might lose everything.

“I seriously doubt they will ever investigate this crime. They never go after the people who stole the stuff and it never gets solved,” said Scott Cloninger, owner of Motopia New Mexico.

Cloninger took his retirement money to start his own motorcycle business. However, empty hangers, racks and clothing displays do not necessarily mean a successful start to the shopping season.

“This is a professional thief,” said Cloning.

Motopia New Mexico, just north of Walmart in Carlisle, looks like it’s going to be hard to get into. But the hole in the wall shows that it took some effort and planning to do it.

“So they simply broke into what was at the landlord’s place,” Cloninger said.

There were broken windows, torn walls and burglars last weekend.

“Yeah, I’m pretty sure the guys in here this time are the same guys that were in here two weeks ago,” Cloninger said.

There are cameras, but the tape recorder is gone along with a dirt bike, and other merchandise worth what he estimates to be $50,000.

But what makes him angry?

“They couldn’t even be bothered to send an officer to this place.”

He said the police had never come in the past.

“Since there was no criminal information for the second incident, the telephone reporting unit took the report,” APD said.

Now, he’s hired 24/7 security – a cost he says is unsustainable.

“My mayor told me I have to pay for security. I’ll tell you which mayor, I promise you – taxes, business permits, building permits, stop the nonsense you beat me to every year and I’ll see what I can do to pay for it. Meanwhile, I’m paying you. Why don’t you give me security? ” Cloninger said. If this continues I will be forced to close.

Frustration in trouble is seen as a sign of criminals without consequences.

“The people of New Mexico and Albuquerque need to get a little angry about some things and decide they need a change,” Cloninger said.

Cloninger said the APD appeared after the first check-in. He says they even dusted for fingerprints.

An APD spokesman said detectives are awaiting results from the evidence gathered and will contact the business owner and provide a free security assessment about the multiple hit-and-runs.

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