Small business owners share perspectives on their stores for Small Business Saturday

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WACO, Texas (KWTX) – Small Business Saturday is a day to recognize businesses that support their communities.

From family restaurants to boutiques, small businesses can be found in any city.

Robert Lim, owner of Cotton Jones Children’s Boutique in Waco, shares how store quality can be an eye opener for new customers.

“They’ll be surprised at how open it is, how welcoming it is. In fact, we get a lot of comments about the smell and the air conditioners we use, the Christian music we play.

Small business owners handle everything from inventory to customer care, and as Kimberly Nielsen shares, as the owner of an Austin home decor store, she plays many different roles every day to make sure her store runs smoothly.

“I’m a coach, I’m a cheerleader, I’m a gift wrapper, I’m a team player. I am whatever my team needs to create a great experience for our customers.

Lim explained that smaller businesses can be more expensive, but every purchase has an impact on the store and its employees.

“Every dollar you spend goes straight back into the family. It can often be a little more expensive than a big box store, but you’ll get better service and better products overall.

Nielsen shares that while big stores can offer a lot, small businesses can personalize their business to the community.

“The diversity we offer our customers helps sell Waco and makes us a unique and unique community.”

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