Small business owners welcome return of the annual Black Owned Bos. holiday marketplace

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As a few shoppers began their holiday shopping Saturday morning, business owners at a pop-up market near Northeastern University’s campus were anticipating a busy day.

Now in its fourth year Buy black. Buy local. Holiday market placeThe annual pop-up series, hosted by black-owned Boss, has established itself as a place for shopping and community. Some vendors have returned year after year to test offerings, meet other entrepreneurs, and find new customers.

The marketplace starts with Small Business Saturdays on purpose, Black’s owner Boss explained. Founder Jayda Turner: “It’s about being intentional around buying thoughtful gifts that are local.

For the next five Saturdays, the market will feature more than 20 local, black-owned businesses.

“I like to be seen in the market. There is no one more energetic than me when it comes to my product,” said Elor Della Sessi, founder of Adorn Me Africa, at the launch event of the marketplace.

Pop up every season. Pop up It’s a pop-up.

After starting out at pop-ups, Della-Ceschi opened her own storefront — and she’s not the only one. Many other vendors present at the same 2020 Black Owned Boss. Since then, the market has opened shop fronts.

“It’s almost like an incubator to test ideas,” says Kuntai Turner.

She began selling handmade art, clothing and accessories at pop-ups. Then, in 2020, she used Black Owned Bos.’s holiday marketplace series to try something a little different.

“Let me try everything with plants. I used to sell a lot every weekend,” she recalls. The following year, she opened a plant shop in the Emerald City of Norwood.

The Emerald City Plant Shop will participate in three of the Black-Owned Bosses December Marketplaces, which Kuntai Turner said is a connecting point between local business owners.

“As Black Friday turns into Black November, it’s important to call local businesses,” she says. “I’m excited to see what he can do by selling in that area. It’s always fun to see the different customers that come in.

Jae’da Turner said this year’s Marketplace is a black-owned restaurant in partnership with The Underground Cafe + Lounge.

It’s a community effort for businesses to come together, she said.

Many of the market’s vendors worked with black-owned bosses. For years, but the event was a first for Dub! Creator Desiree Vaughn.

Vonn, a teacher-turned-business owner, was named a 2021 Game Manufacturers Association Horizons Fellow, which gave her the advice and resources she needed to build her brand, a card game based on mixing and matching song lyrics. Since then, she’s attended mini-reunions and pop-ups, hosted game nights at local bookstores and landed on Black Owner Boss.’ 2023 Holiday Gift Guide.

“I feel like I’m growing and growing in an upward and upward way,” Vaughan said. “I’m concerned that I’m still selling something I’ve created.”

Black owner boss. Every Saturday from 11am to 5pm until Christmas, The Underground Cafe + Lounge will be hosting holiday shopping events.

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