Small Business Saturday helps businesses as the holiday season is here

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CAPE CORAL, Fla. – Small business Saturday is helping local businesses in Southwest Florida get busy for the holiday season.

Ralph Sagiovanni, owner of Razzle Dazzle in South Cape Coral, is hopeful this year.

“Years ago, we were actually closed for Black Friday because we didn’t have any business,” Sangiovanni said. “We are very grateful that they started this small business Saturday because it helps us a lot.

Every year after Thanksgiving, businesses across the US set up shop in hopes of boosting sales and helping the local economy.

As of 2011 Small business managementLast year, about $17.9 billion was spent on Small Business Saturday at small businesses across the country.

Sangiovanni said this day is good for their business after a slow start to the holiday season after last year’s hurricanes.

“It’s important to buy into small businesses because they’re the backbone of the community,” Sangiovanni said. That’s why.

For seasonal retail stores, like Uncle Al’s Christmas Trees, owner Al Mueller said they were surprised by their sales last year after the hurricane.

“We sold out on December 7th, which is unprecedented in the 33 years we’ve been in business,” Mueller said.

Both Razzle Dazzle and Uncle Al’s have been serving the Southwest Florida community for over 30 years and say their local customers are to thank for their success.

“Without them we don’t exist, that saying has been around for 34 years,” Sangiovanni said.

“This town has always been resilient,” Mueller said.

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