Small businesses share holiday struggles

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Eau Claire, Wis. (WEAU) – The holiday shopping season is underway and with Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday today, many stores have had many deals and promotions over the past week. Although, some local business owners say the shopping holiday was not as prosperous as expected for small business Saturday.

“I’ve been in touch with a lot of my friends who have shops in the city, and we’re seeing that businesses around (the industry) aren’t making as much money as they (once) did. Hue says Erin Claus, adding, “On the other hand, prices for our products are going up, so it’s creating a very difficult situation, which is why days like Small Business Saturday are so important.”

Although, this weekend wasn’t as busy for some local stores as the holiday shopping season is tough.

“Usually it’s a tough (and) crazy day with small business Saturdays,” said downtown Eau Claire store owner Raggedy Man Matt Pabich, though this year was different and “we haven’t seen quite the numbers that we’ve seen in previous years, depending on how the whole year goes.” Based on the way expected. We’ve seen a fair amount of discounts on many of our sales, especially during the summer.

Klaus appreciates any support her business can get, but the numbers at the store this weekend weren’t as typical compared to years past.

“We’ve still had groups of people go out of their way to support small local businesses, unfortunately lately, I’d say the numbers for the customers that have shown up are down and the cash numbers are down,” Klaus says.

For Raggedy Man, their small business looked different at the start on Saturday.

“Usually when we open our doors, we either have people waiting to get in or we see people start checking in within the first few minutes of being here, and maybe for the first half we don’t really see anyone. It’s almost an hour, which is quite a bit,” says Pabich.

Klaus said the tests have been shown throughout the year.

“How people shop has changed. “We’ve got shopping from the comfort of our own home and maybe some people aren’t comfortable going out the same way,” Klaus said, adding, “Small businesses like mine or any downtown business, we’re going to have a hard time being able to.” Whether it’s through direct advertising or being able to find our products among other chaos online to compete in the online marketplace.

Pabich says about a third of Raggedy Man’s sales come in the last quarter of the year. It’s crunch time, and for Pabich, he’s trying to change what his small business has to offer compared to retail chain stores.

“We have two really exciting companies that people are really excited about. “We’re able to lean into people’s needs,” Pabich said, adding, “We try to offer things that maybe you can’t find in our big box stores.”

The focus of both business owners is to try to finish the year strong.

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