Soros pushed $15M to nonprofit linked to Biden super PAC to test ‘critical’ policy issues, tax docs reveal

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A George Soros-funded He pushed more than $15 million for a nonprofit group linked to President Biden’s flagship super PAC to assess policy issues critical to the 2024 election, records show.

Tax filings provided to Fox News Digital show that the Open Society Policy Center, an advocacy philanthropy in the Soros-Bank Road Open Society Foundation network, spent $15.18 million in 2022 for Future USA Action for research and “content testing on critical policy issues.”

Future Forward USA Action Future Forward PAC is the nonprofit arm of Dark Money, which the Biden team has promoted as a leading outside group to raise funds and help his re-election effort.

“For someone who despises dark money, President Biden seems very comfortable with the king of dark money spending so much to push his agenda,” Kathleen Sutherland, CEO of Americans for Public Trust, told Fox News Digital. “George Soros’ projects are known for pushing policies that undermine security, democracy and the rule of law. By channeling money through this Biden-linked group, Soros shows that he and Biden are birds of a feather.”

Biden’s re-election efforts have been bolstered by massive donations from George Soros and other billionaires.

A nonprofit in the George Soros-funded Open Society Foundations network has given more than $15 million to the Biden-affiliated group to examine “critical” policy issues. (Fabric Cofriny/AFP via Getty Images)

It is not clear exactly what kind of research and “critical” issues Soros’ money went to. Future Forward USA Action and the Open Society Foundations did not respond to requests for comment from Fox News Digital.

The money is likely to be a big part of future events before Biden used the PAC as a central outside political fundraising vehicle to support his candidacy last summer.

Meanwhile, Soros has previously donated heavily to support Biden’s candidacy and recently cut a $250,000 check to his victory fund. The financier’s son, Alex A, who now heads the Open Society Foundations Network Frequent Biden White House Visitor.

Controversial George Soros-backed Virginia attorney general ousted from office after final vote count

George and Alex Soros

George Soros, Nancy Pelosi and Alex Soros, maintain the pipeline to the Biden White House. (Alexander Soros/Twitter)

Because of the pre-arrangements and actions between the Future Forward charity and the PAC, Biden is set to benefit from a lot of dark money.

Since 2020 election, Future Forward USA Action — which does not disclose the identity of its donors — directed $77 million to Future Forward PAC, according to a search of Federal Election Commission records. During that time, the PAC raised about $181 million, meaning more than 40% of Biden’s PAC funds came from dark money nonprofits.

The filings show joint staff of Future Forward PAC and the nonprofit. In June, the PAC’s nonprofit arm reported $55,798 in in-kind donations for “staff time and overhead.”

As the election nears, these measures will likely continue into the 2024 cycle, ultimately leaving the public in the dark and supporting front-runner Biden outside the group.

Soros and Biden

Soros has previously given large sums of money to support Biden and other Democrats. (Jason Alden/Bloomberg via Getty Images | Kevin Dietsch/Getty Images)

Senior White House Advisor After spending $141 million in independent spending in the last presidential election cycle, Anita Dunn said Future Future has “really earned its place as a pre-eminent super PAC” to support Biden in the upcoming election.

In the year As they begin advertising in 2020, the Biden campaign has been impressed with the effectiveness of the ads and the overall rigor that has clearly gone into the entire project.

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Future forward leader Chauncey MacLean has previously told the publication that he will continue to work in the shadows as much as possible.

“We keep a low profile because we’re not just the story, we’re not important,” McLean said. “I don’t see any reason to raise our heads. That doesn’t matter.”

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