Success in Mexico has J&J planning international growth

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MOUNT LAUREL, NJ — After the success of its Mexican ice brand, J&J Snack Foods Corp. Executives plan to introduce other products to that country and other international markets.

“Down in Mexico, our operations today are centered around the ice, and they’ve had a really amazing year. “They had a record year in both sales and profits, and they’re proud of what that team is doing over there. We can expand some of their businesses. We like to think that there’s a real opportunity to take some of our products that aren’t working today and expand on that, like Dipin’ Dots or some of our snack food items, and grow. He said.

J&J Snack Foods has hired a global business development leader to identify opportunities to expand products and brands such as Superpretzel, Hola. Churros and Dippin’ Dots into new markets, Mr. Fachner said.

“I don’t see it as important for our 2024 year,” he said of global growth. “I think it will build over time, and we have enough experience to be careful how we do it.”

For the fiscal year ended Sept. 30, J&J Snack Foods reported net income of $78.91 million, equivalent to $4.08 per common share, up 67 percent from $47.23 million, or $2.46 per share, in the prior fiscal year. Net sales of $1.56 billion were up 13 percent from $1.38 billion.

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