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The last remaining laboratory station Iconic inventor Nikola Tesla

Center starts $3-million Emergency Fire Restoration Fund Drive

SHOREHAM, NY, November 28, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Tesla Science Center in Wardenclyffe (TSCW), the last laboratory of the famous inventor Nikola Tesla was damaged in a severe fire in the afternoon. November 21.

It is located on a 16.5-acre site Long Island in new yorkThe multi-building facility — which is listed on the National Historic Register — is undergoing a thorough assessment by engineers and local officials to determine the full extent of the fire-related damage.

To help cover firefighting costs, the Center International, 3-million dollars Indiegogo is called a fundraising campaign “Mission Restoration” Fund. (https://igg.me/at/MissionRebuildTSCW)

More than 100 firefighters from seventeen local fire departments and ambulance crews responded to the blaze, which was completely extinguished the next morning.

The officials of the center were preparing to start a. 20-million dollars Restoration and redevelopment of the historic laboratory complex. of 3-million dollars Indiegogo’s “Mission Restoration” fund is separate from the on-site redevelopment drive.

“Everyone associated with the Tesla Science Center owes a great debt to the extraordinary courage and determination of the many heroic first responders,” said TSC’s Mark Alessi. “We are so grateful for the dedication and bravery of our local firefighters.”

The extent of the damage is now being assessed by TSCW’s site engineer, the lab’s historic architect, a structural engineering firm and various local agencies. Their analysis will help determine the fire’s specific recovery plans.

“While we are preparing to start a major renovation and renovation,” said Mr. Alessi, “the construction has not yet begun, which will save us from further complications at this stage.”

In the year Mr. Alessi was relieved that the overall structural integrity of the 1901 building appeared to withstand the effects of the fire.

“In these challenging times, public support and understanding is vital,” Mr Alessi said. “If you’re inspired by Tesla’s life and work, you can take action by participating in our Indiegogo ‘Mission Rebuild’ fundraising initiative.

“Together, we will rise through this crisis, honoring the legacy of Nikola Tesla and the spirit of innovation, commitment and perseverance that this center embodies.”

Nikola Tesla was the inventor of the motor that pioneered alternating current (AC) electricity and many other innovations. AC electricity serves as the basis for the power grid system, which in turn enables the introduction of Wi-Fi, radio, remote control and robotics.

For further updates and more information, please visit www.teslasciencecenter.org.

About Tesla Science Center at Wardencliffe

The Tesla Science Center (TSCW) at Wardenclyffe is Nikola Tesla’s last remaining laboratory. TSCW first acquired the 16.5-acre property — designed by the famous architect Stanford White — and then began the process of rehabilitation and redevelopment. The renovation will transform the former working laboratory into an international innovation center, educational institution and museum.


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