Tesla Science Center Launches Emergency $3M Funding Drive After Fire

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SHOREHAM, NY – Six days after a massive fire broke out at the Tesla Science Center in Wardencliff, hope rose from the ashes as officials gathered to announce plans to rebuild and complete the historic site.

Tesla Science Center in Wardencliffe, the last remaining laboratory of the famous inventor Nikola Tesla Damaged by heavy fire On November 21.

While the investigation is ongoing and an official report has not been released, officials say the fire is undetermined.

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The multi-building facility on a 16.5-acre site on New York’s Long Island — which is listed on the National Historic Register — is undergoing a thorough assessment by engineers and local officials to determine the full extent of the fire-related damage, officials said. .

And, in planning to rebuild, the center launched an international $3 million.Mission reconstruction“Indiegogo fundraising campaign to pay for new costs caused by fire.”

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Center officials were preparing to begin a $20 million renovation and redevelopment of the historic laboratory complex, while demolition continued. The $3 million Indiegogo “Mission Restoration” fund will be separate from the redevelopment effort at the site, officials said.

“Everyone associated with the Tesla Science Center owes a great debt to the extraordinary courage and determination of so many heroic first responders,” said TSCW Executive Director Mark Alessi. “We are so grateful for the dedication and bravery of our local firefighters.”

More than 200 firefighters from 17 local fire departments and ambulance crews responded to the blaze, which was completely extinguished the next morning, Alessi said.

The extent of the damage is now being assessed by TSCW’s site engineer, the lab’s historic architect, a structural engineering firm and various local agencies. Their analysis will help determine the specific impact the fire will have on recovery plans, he said.

“While we are preparing to start a major renovation and restoration project, the construction has not yet started, we are spared from further complications at this stage,” Alessi said.

Alessi says the entire structural integrity of the building, dating from 1901, seems to have withstood the effects of the fire.

“In these challenging times, public support and awareness is invaluable,” said Ali
he said. “If you are inspired by Tesla’s life and work, you can take action by getting involved
Our Indiegogo ‘Mission Restore’ fundraising initiative. In honor of Nikola Tesla’s legacy and the spirit of innovation, commitment and perseverance that this center embodies, we will rise to the challenge in navigating this crisis.

Nikola Tesla invented alternating current, or AC, electricity.
And many other inventions. AC electricity is used as the basis for the power grid system
In turn, the introduction of wi-fi, radio, remote control and robotics is allowed.

According to representatives of the Tesla Science Center, the current investigation of the damage caused by the fire indicates that the roof, steel beams and part of the wall were damaged in the northern part of the building. Our structural and historic engineers are conducting an extensive review and results are expected in the coming days. While most of the lab’s main structure remains intact, he said, “some elements have been lost beyond repair.”

The fire caused damage primarily to the north side of the building, including the partial destruction of the roof, chimney and cupola. Water damage from firefighting efforts now poses a major short-term threat, officials said, adding that if water seeps into the walls it could crack and break.

“We urgently need money to seal the roof and dry the building before winter sets in,” he said.

One firefighter was injured while fighting the blaze, suffering minor injuries after falling from a ladder, officials said. “We are relieved and thankful that there were no serious injuries in the accident or the fire,” officials said.

Looking at the timeline, Tesla officials said that because the fire happened over the weekend, the engineer’s arrival was initially delayed.

“However, they were able to conduct a preliminary assessment the next day and are now preparing a more detailed report. This assessment will give us a clear action plan to protect the lab,” he said.

After the fire, security teams, volunteers and team members were mobilized to monitor the scene. Temporary fences and warning signs are in place to protect appropriate areas, providing access to unauthorized individuals, particularly in controlled asbestos workplaces. A private security firm has been hired to monitor the site and ensure security. Volunteers contribute to improving site safety. Officials said that structural and historical engineers are assessing the damage and making a plan to protect the lab as soon as possible.

Officials added that no historical artifacts and documents were damaged in the fire.

“Fortunately, the Tesla Science Center at the Wardenclyffe complex remained intact and intact,” officials said.

TSC officials also discussed the environmental impact of the fire. An environmental assessment is underway. “In the first laboratory building surveyed in 2014, the highly accessible interior and some exterior asbestos materials were removed. The original roof, which contained 0.5 percent to 2.2 percent asbestos, remained intact. The fire may have released fibers from the non-perishable roofing material. Most of the roof was not burned, some of it was intact and a lot of peeling, and the rain after the fire is believed to help reduce the spread of airborne fibers.

At the event, Alessi thanked the firefighters. He said renovation plans were moving forward at the Tesla Science Center before the fire. “We’ve never been better off,” he said. Suffolk County Executive Steve Bellone has committed more than $1 million to the center for the project. Of the $20 million goal, $14 million has been raised and $6 million remains to be raised.

He said that now the damage caused by the fire has increased to 3 million dollars, bringing the amount needed to complete the project to 9 million dollars.

Alessi added that the fire broke out at 2:30 the night of the fire and 7:30 the next day. “We were worried we were going to lose the lab that night,” Alessi said.

Without the firefighters, he said, Tuesday’s story would have been very different.

Mark Thaler of Thaler & Associates, who specializes in historic architecture, also thanked the firefighters. “One thing we are extremely grateful for is the work the firefighters did to ensure the fire was contained before the building was destroyed,” he said. “But thankfully, Nikola Tesla’s first building was very beautiful. The original brick walls are still standing,” he said.

Some of the roof has been lost and work will be done to restore this feature as soon as possible, he said.

New York State Senator Anthony Palumbo spoke and said that without firefighters, the project will not stop “to come to fruition”. We rise from the ashes.

Palumbo notes that during Tesla’s time there was also a fire in the laboratory and he collapsed on his bed until the musicians gave a concert to lift his spirits. In the same way, all those involved promised to strengthen the renovation and bring it to completion, saying that the Tesla Science Center is a great asset not only at the local and national level, but also at the international level.

New York State Assemblywoman Jody Gilliom said. “It was very sad to see the Tesla Science Center go up in flames,” she said, walking on Tuesday and saying she was happy to see the structure still has integrity and can be rebuilt — “it’s important to make sure our children and families can continue. To enjoy Tesla’s legacy.”

Brookhaven City Councilwoman Jane Bonner said the aerial shots of the building were “horrific. But like the phoenix rising from the ashes, so will this lab.”

Rocky Point Fire Chief Sean McCarrick was praised for his bravery.

“It was a difficult night – wind, rain and very cold,” he said. “But the firefighters did a great job.”

Discussing the fundraising campaign, Alessi “saved this place from a wrecking ball” with the first crowdfunding effort, and now with an additional $3 million to raise, he urged everyone to spread the word.

“The best way to help right now is to make a donation,” he said.

On another note, though Last week’s devastating firePlans for the much-loved annual tree lighting at the historic Tesla Science Center in Wardencliffe will go ahead as planned.

Taking place on Saturday from 3pm to 6pm at Wardencliffe at 5 Randall Road, Shawareham, the event will include decorations, music, a DJ, a festive exhibition and activities for all ages – plus a special visit from Santa and Mrs Claus. , photos are encouraged. Entertainment will include a snow machine, exhibits, “holidays with electricity, Tesla coils and lightning,” as well as gift shopping and free cocoa and cookies.

“It’s a magical time at Wardenclyffe when we flip the switch to light up the trees and displays that attendees have decorated,” said organizers.

Tickets are free; To register, Click here.

To donate to the Indiegogo campaign, Click here.

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