Texas man accused of stealing business from competitor via forwarded phone calls

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TEXARKANA, Texas (KLTV) – A Texarkana man is in jail for allegedly forwarding phone calls from a competing business to steal jobs.

Kerry Rowland, 35, turned himself in on a warrant Monday morning after an investigation into a report in September of a stolen business from a Texarkana company. According to a Facebook post by the Texas Police Department, Rowland, who owns a competing fencing company, was seen at the company talking to the owners about a job. When told the owners weren’t there, Rowland said he asked to borrow his business phone to make a quick call. Rowland reportedly punched a few keys before answering the phone and leaving without a call.

Soon the business noticed that they had not received any calls. After reporting the issue to their provider, the business learned their calls were being forwarded to Rowland’s business phone number, he wrote.

A Texarkana detective accessed the victim’s phone records and began calling people trying to contact them. It was learned that Rowland intercepted 26 calls, posing as the victim’s case, bidding on the work and getting paid for it.

Rowland is charged with unlawful interception of electronic communications and two counts of deceptive business practices. He is being held in the Bowie County Jail on bonds totaling $300,000.

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