The Fight for Parents’ Rights in Education Isn’t Over

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The school board election earlier this month was not a resounding victory for liberal education bureaucrats. Headlines from throughout of Country The trumpet blew Electoral victories for union-backed school board candidates and supporters of anti-student and anti-independence education policies.

This does not mean that critical race theory and gender ideology have won out. Contrary to the mainstream media narrative, these elections were only a temporary wave of left-right ideologies supported by teachers unions and other radical, anti-parent organizations.

The work for educational freedom remains, and the next steps in this struggle require a clear-eyed review and some historical encouragement.

On the one hand, there are teachers’ unions. Associations and their candidates are not afraid to use every trick in the book. Through dark money super PACs, emotional manipulation and organized pressure on teachers, they operate a political machine designed to deceive voters into thinking their opponents are real extremists.

On the other hand, parents, we’ve had real individuals stand up and say they’ve had enough. Professional political operatives aren’t trained, they don’t have hundreds of thousands of dollars to support them, and they aren’t made-for-TV candidates. The contrast between the political machine of national teachers’ unions and the grassroots movement of parents is stark.

Beyond their political tools, the unions’ long-term vision should serve as a wake-up call to parents. Coalition-backed candidates have been slowly and deliberately taking over our education system for years. They don’t see an election cycle as a win or a loss. They look forward to decades of eroding and destroying parental rights. They can take electoral losses here and there, knowing that they will remain in control of the classroom when they control the textbook suppliers and teachers’ colleges and the entire education system. They see indoctrination as a never-ending struggle and need less control over our students today than they did yesterday.

For many parents, however, it’s a different game — vote and go home, attend a PTA or school board meeting, believing your voice is being heard. Only recently have the supporters of parents’ rights received from the president Donald Trump to Libs of Tiktok It is beginning to shine a light on attempts to radicalize our education system for mothers’ freedom.

CHINO, CALIFORNIA – JULY 20: A man holds a sign during a rally in support of the Chino Valley School Board’s proposed policy that would require school staff to remove students from their parents if they identify with a gender not listed on their birth certificate on July 20, 2023 in Chino, California. In June, the board voted 4-1 to amend the Ceremonies and Ceremonies guidelines, which allow only the flags of the United States, California, military, foreign countries and institutions of higher education. Today’s vote is a continuation of the June meeting’s discussion on issues affecting LGBTQ+ students.
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Americans are not easily defeated in their struggles for freedom. During the Revolutionary War, George Washington And the determined but largely inexperienced militia of the Continental Army faced many setbacks. Key wins interspersed with low points where they all seemed to lose. Victory requires patience and perseverance.

On the one hand there were highly trained, extremely well funded, experienced fighters in England. On the other hand, there was a group of ordinary individuals who were driven by the belief that despite adversity, freedom should flourish and oppression should end.

All parents and individuals who are tired of the leftist takeover of our education system should take note: Don’t give up the fight.

The left always doubles down and those of us who believe in freedom, choice and parental rights must follow suit. In pedestrian neighborhoods, we must put on our shoes and knock our knees to our bones on the doors. The extreme left is taking a premature victory lap—but parents and anyone who cares about truth in education will be back and relentless.

Remember, academic freedom is about doing what’s right in a country founded on personal freedom. Parents know better than any government official or union leader what decisions are best for their children, and they have the right to make decisions based on their responsibility to raise children. And for those of us who believe in American principles and traditional values, it is critical that we save our children from the kind of active education we see rampant in public schools.

Time to get back on offense. This issue is not decided by one choice, but by whether we have the courage to persevere. The left is relentless in its efforts to change our schools. For parents’ rights activists, the fight has just begun. Students, parents and teachers across this country are counting on us.

Ryan Walters is Oklahoma’s Superintendent of Public Instruction. You can follow him on X: @RyanWaltersSupt.

The views expressed in this article are those of the author.