The Iowa Caucus Has Driven the Political Press to Madness

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The Iowa caucuses that open the Republican presidential primary season are less than two months away, and as he has been for some time, Donald Trump is the favorite to win both the caucus and the whole shebang. (He leads Ron DeSantis and Nikki Haley by 30 points apiece.)

Aside from Haley and DeSantis, there is little switching between the second and third spots. Action In this competition, though, it shows all the usual amount of activity. (DeSantis is about to finish touring. Each of Iowa’s 99 countiesAfter that, he is expected to report back to the social studies teacher.) However, the political news sections, or “verticals” as they are called on the world wide web, still have a lot to fill. The Iowa caucuses and subsequent elections are still important because they will help decide who will be the president of the country.

This is how we arrive at the current Iowa production of check-ins, from national publications seeking to make up for what the drama lacks in dramatic style and language, a largely static race.

In a piece about “Counting to Iowa,” for example, New York Times “Donald J. Time is running out to catch Trump as arch-rivals DeSantis and Haley race to the finish line in the final race,” he wrote. It’s the final race, the runners are crashing into each other, and there’s a clock counting down—it sounds like a sequence in a 1970s movie, especially when you realize it’s mind-blowing. The concept of race It ends By A get started Line. Trump said he was “aiming” for a victory that would produce a “slam punch.” And according to the quoted Republican official, Trump, Haley and DeSantis, all of the candidates, including Vivek Ramaswamy and Chris Christie, are “pushing their chips toward the center of the table.”

as if CNNMeanwhile, the caucus race is “career” (vehicle metaphor) into the “last act” (theatre metaphor). Trump’s non-contestants are “running each other out of the way” (cars again) while Trump gets comfortable on his “perch” (birds) above them, despite Haley’s argument that the former president is “past his sell-by date” (the Food and Drug Administration). The Washington Post He says. Haley has a “headwind” (our reference to anyone’s first horse race) even if she succeeds in the field of candidates for a position below Trump. It also says that the winning candidate will be chosen in a “beauty pageant”, although to be fair this is in an article about how the White House is. He chooses a Christmas tree.

Given how the candidates under Bird Trump are faring right now, DeSantis received support from evangelicals last week.Iowa caucus kingmaker” Bob Vander Platts, the confusingly named and Koch-funded super PAC Americans for Prosperity Action (what is that). Prosperity measure?) announced that it will be Supporting Haley. (“Supporting” in this context means sending letters, buying TV ads, and deploying “door knockers.” FebruaryGiven a Note explaining why he thinks Haley has a good chance of beating Trump; It basically boils down to “She likes Ron DeSantis more than Gremlin.” (That’s the Slate translation, not the AFP act’s own wording.)

Of course, as Each A piece As for Haley, she has to admit, her “road” to the presidency is a narrow one, as she currently is. It is remembered that he lost to Trump by 27 points. in her The best situation. And if there is one thing we can say for sure about being a runner, it is very difficult to drive your horse on a narrow road if the car is gambling. Down.

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