The *real* reason you miss putts, according to science

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This is why putts are missed.

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There is no substitute for being a reliable importer. With a hot plate, you can make birdies, save pars and even eliminate mistakes. as a The famous teacher Harvey Penick He once said: “A diving sweater will boost your confidence and make your opponent miserable.” A good import is a match for anyone. A bad impersonator is no match for anyone.

Professionals understand this fact well, and they do ton of putts. Last season, PGA Tour pros hit 87.87 percent of their shots within 10 feet. At 5 feet, this number reaches 96.85%. While it’s true that professionals do everything well, it’s their putting skills that make them the best golfers in the world.

So why are props so good at placement? It all starts with clubface control.

Why Golfers Miss Putts

He recently hosted a training camp GOLF’S BEST 100 TEACHER Andrew Rice, Professor of Sports Biomechanics (and Golf Science Guru) Mackenzie said. He explained what caused the missed deposits. And when they have a streak and speed some Improper face angle is the biggest cause of missing straight putts, affecting the way the ball spins.

According to McKenzie’s research, golfers have only .7 degrees of error in their face angle when approaching a straight 12-foot putt. If your putting face is more than .7 degrees open or closed, it will result in a missed putt.

At the same time, stroke path has remarkably little effect on whether or not the same straight 12-footer will make it. To miss a putt, your stroke must be off by more than 3.5 degrees.

What does this mean? Well, when you practice, don’t worry too much about your stroke. Instead, focus more on keeping the clubface square. McKenzie’s research shows that face angle has more to do with making a putt than anything else.

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