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In the year November 21, 2023 Wrangell Landslide View to the North. (via the Caleb Clearing via the State of Alaska)

The recent deadly landslide in Wrangell is the third deadliest landslide in Southeast Alaska since 2015. Natural disasters are common in Alaska. But will a changing climate increase the frequency and severity of these events? What is the latest science in monitoring mountain slopes to better calculate risk and provide early warning? In this Alaska Talk, we discuss the science of understanding landslide risk.


HOST: Lori Townsend


  • Dennis Staley, Research Physical Scientist, Alaska Volcano Observatory
  • Dr. Gabriel Cloud, Manager, Climate and Cryosphere Hazards Program, Division of Geological and Geophysical Surveys of Alaska; Research Professor, UAF International Arctic Research Center
  • Aaron Jacob, Senior Hydrologist, National Weather Service, Juneau
  • Lisa Bush, Executive Director, Sitka Sound Science Center

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