The Slatest for Nov. 27: One Big Advantage Trump Has Over the Rest of the GOP Field

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Apparently skipping all the GOP primary debates — while, you know, facing 91 criminal charges — didn’t hurt Trump at all in the polls. Why is his popularity so enduring? He has one advantage the other candidates can’t touch, writes Ben Jacobs: “Ron DeSantis and Nikki Haley have party members. Donald Trump has supporters.

In Fort Dodge, Iowa, Jacobs’ coverage of Trump’s rally reflects how the former president was. He was able to combine fan culture with American politics.

Also, in case you missed it:

• Shirin Ali wrote how Trump’s attacks on Jack Smith are involved in the action.

• Dahlia Lithwick takes a closer look. Trump’s “barbaric” speech and its implications.

• And Ben Mathis-Lilly entered the house Two key things we know about TrumpIt has not been a year since the presidential election.

Barriers to abortion care 🔎

Even in states where voters chose to preserve abortion, crisis pregnancy centers are still thwarting abortion-seekers’ attempts to access care. Susanna Baruch and Carmel Shakar presented the case. How to overcome the biggest obstacle to abortion in the blue states.

At 45 ✍️ pregnancy risks

In the example of Edda Uzunlar

As a doctor herself, Grace Glassman thinks she knows the dangers of giving birth at age 45. But she was not prepared for how much it would hurt. She explains in her powerful personal essay. Her own experience is that she almost died during childbirthand what the experience cost her.

He is baak 👋

After a brief ouster, OpenAI CEO Sam Altman is back, now with more power — and fewer restrictions — than ever. Alex Kirshner He sees what it can mean.

Perfect pants ✨

Good news: there are actually professional-looking comfortable pants! Hilary Frey It has all the details– and a perfect nickname to boot.

It looks fake 🧐

After the Joaquin Phoenix movie, a portrait of Napoleon as Napoleon.

Photo example by Slate. Images via Apple+ and Jacques-Louis David/Musée national du Château de Malmaison/Wikipedia.

Did Napoleon really fire cannons at the pyramids? Ellen Stein It balances what is true and what is myth A story about a French general by Ridley Scott.

Today, Slate… Without giving it another thought, he lights a huge candle

But if you are so worried about burning down your house to be someone like Sophie Vershbow She has a good solution for you.

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