Tory MP Bob Stewart to appeal against racial abuse conviction

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Bob Stewart, MP He was found guilty Racially humiliating an activist means appealing his conviction, the Guardian understands.

Stewart was found guilty of racially motivated public offense last year in an altercation with Saeed Alwadai, the director of the Bahrain Institute for Rights and Democracy, outside the Bahraini embassy. London.

Alwaday Stewart was paid for by the country’s government on her pre-election trip to Bahrain, apart from a reception at the embassy. The activist asked, “Bob Stewart, how much did you sell yourself to the Bahraini regime?” he shouted.

In response, Alwadai Stewart said, “You’re taking money from my country, go away,” telling Alwadai to “go back to Bahrain.”

Stewart, then a Conservative MP, added: “Go away, I hate you. You make a lot of noise” and “Shut up, you stupid person”.

Alwadai, who says that he lives in exile in England after suffering in Bahrain They complained to the Conservative Party. After the incident, the Metropolitan Police began its own investigation.

Earlier this month, Chief Justice Paul Goldspring ruled Stewart guilty of racially motivated offenses and fined him £600 plus legal costs, bringing the total to £1,435.

Alwadaei said he received notice from police on Monday that Stewart plans to appeal the verdict. Alwadaei was told in a letter: “It is arguable that the words used by Mr Stewart are racially offensive or derogatory for the purposes of the Section 5 Public Order Act offence.”

Stewart did not respond to requests for comment but told the court earlier this year that the allegations of racism were “absurd” and “absolutely unfair”.

Since his conviction, Stewart has. He handed over the conservative whip And he announced that he will not stand in the Beckenham seat in the next election.

He has received support from some Tory colleagues, including two deputy Conservative backbenchers Lee Anderson and Brendan Clarke-Smith.

Anderson and Clark-Smith have been trying to raise money to cover Stewart’s fine and legal costs, with Anderson Calling the former army colonel “A friend and a war hero”, and Clarke-Smith called the case “a disgrace”. Clarke-Smith added: “It shocks a lot of people because it’s a polite request for someone to go and protest somewhere else where it’s more appropriate.”

A crowdfunding page set up by Clarke-Smith to raise money for Stewart collected Over £19,000 – almost 1,300% more than needed.

Alwaday said he now wants the Conservative Party to permanently remove the whip from Stewart and then punish those who support it: “If the party doesn’t act … it will encourage people to be more abusive in the future.”

The Conservative Party did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

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