Trudeau blames ‘right-wing, American MAGA’ after Canadian Conservative Party votes against Ukraine bill

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Right-wing American ideology has infiltrated Canadian politics, causing Conservative Party to “turn its back” on Ukraine, PM says Justin Trudeau said Friday.

The group called out Trudeau for unanimously opposing the Conservative Party’s proposal to amend the Canada-Ukraine free trade agreement between Canada and Ukraine.

“I’m really proud … it’s not a political debate in Canada, every party in Canada stands with Ukraine,” Trudeau said at a press conference on Friday. “So it’s very troubling to see, especially in the United States with MAGA conservatives, across Europe, in certain corners of right-wing politicians and parties — that we’re seeing right-wing rhetoric starting to pull their support for Ukraine. Start parroting Russian disinformation and disinformation and propaganda.”

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in Kyiv, Ukraine June 10, 2023 (Maxim Marusenko/NurPhoto via Getty Images)

Conservative Party leader Pierre Poilèvre said last Friday that his party opposed the deal not because of its support for Ukraine, but because of concerns that it would tax the war-torn country.

Trudeau said the explanation was a “ridiculous excuse.”

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“The real story is the rise of right-wing, American MAGA-influenced thinking that has caused Canadian conservatives — who have been among Ukraine’s staunchest defenders — to turn their backs on what Ukraine needs. Hour of trouble,” Trudeau said.

“This is the danger of the rise of right-wing influence in Canada. That’s what all Canadians should be concerned about, not just Ukrainian Canadians. The Conservative Party of Canada and Pierre Poilèvere are turning their backs on history. Turn their backs on our friends and allies, on international law and the UN Charter and territorial integrity. The support that we give to unity, of course, is worrying and should concern all of us, because we are. Seeing that increase around the world,” Trudeau said.

Earlier on Friday, Poilevre said his party would oppose the deal only because conservatives understand how dangerous a carbon tax is.

“We voted against Justin Trudeau forcing a carbon tax into that previous agreement. Conservatives understand how hard a carbon tax is for Canadians,” Poilevre said. “Two million people go to food banks every month, seven million Canadians don’t eat enough to stay healthy.”

Trudeau shook hands with the president of Ukraine

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky during a meeting in Kyiv, Ukraine, June 10, 2023. (Maxim Marusenko/NurPhoto via Getty Images)

“Of course, I think Trudeau is talking about how sick he is on the carbon tax, with the knife at the throat of the Ukrainians, he’s going to use that carbon tax ideology to impose that carbon tax on those poor people,” Poilevre said, according to CBC. News.

The trade agreement includes a clause that calls for both sides to coordinate “on matters of mutual interest in bilateral and international forums, as appropriate…on carbon pricing and measures to address carbon emissions risks.”

Ukraine has had a carbon tax since 2011, and is in the process of reforming the tax as it seeks to join the European Union.

It’s not the first time Trudeau has criticized American politics for pushing toward liberal policies in Canada.

Justin Trudeau slams ‘American right wing’ on Muslims who oppose LGBQ curriculum: ‘Leave our kids alone!’

In July, Trudeau blamed the American right wing for Canadian Muslims opposing gender ideology and LGBTQ curriculum in K-12 education.

Trudeau made the comments as hundreds of protesters visited Calgary’s Baitun Noor Mosque with the Muslim community. Gender ideology in schools“Leave our children alone.”

After Edmonton’s vote, the frustration reached a boiling point Public school teacher Humiliating Muslim students for dropping out of school to avoid pride incidents.

One of the audience asked him for patience, “Please protect our culture, our faith, the sin that you are committing.”

Trudeau responded: “First of all, there is a lot of misinformation and misinformation [from] People on social media especially at American right wing They are spreading a lot of lies about what is in the curriculum.

Fox News’ Hannah Grossman contributed reporting.

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