Trump, Who Destroyed Roe, Thinks He Can Run As an Abortion ‘Moderate’ in 2024

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Who is the person? Basically, it stopped the federal right Abortion He now thinks he might run for president in 2024 as a “moderate” on the issue.

In recent weeks, two people familiar with the matter said. Donald Trump Several anti-abortion leaders — the same people who spent last year pushing him to pass a tough national ban — now privately say they have no “leverage” to force him to do anything.

Despite a public push for that abortion ban, the former president insists everyone will fall in line and support it soon — whether or not they’ve made specific policy promises — largely because they have nowhere else to go. Trump mocked some of the “disloyal” and “out of touch” leaders in the movement for subtly supporting Florida Governor and GOP presidential candidate Ron DeSantis, one of the sources added, adding that Trump’s grip on the party has failed.

According to the two sources and other Trump allies and aides familiar with the situation, Trump and his team are eyeing the primary to challenge President Joe Biden in the general election — and think they can somehow steer the former president as intended. moderate” (as three sources put it) on abortion, at least compared to most of the 2024 Republican field. For months, sources say A rolling stoneTrump and some of his closest aides – such as senior campaign adviser Susie Wills – plan for the former president to nominate himself “in a way that will please both Republicans and Democrats.”

Such a condition seems laughable on its face. “It’s a complete joke,” said Pat Dennis, president of the Democratic super PAC America’s Bridge to the 21st Century. Dennis emphasized the wisdom of the idea, pointing out that Trump is currently campaigning. Advertisements in Iowa Taking credit for damage Roe v. Wade.

In the ads, Trump calls himself the “most pro-life president in history” — a boast that accurately describes the former president’s anti-abortion record: appointing Supreme Court justices who will play a key role in overturning the historic decision; Reinstatement and expansion of the international gag ruleand uninstall Title X funding for Planned ParenthoodAmong other decisions.

When Trump was in power and years ago Ro He and the White House supported a 20-week abortion ban. His soft-spoken style reflects Trump’s broader practice of appealing to more moderate-leaning voters and independents on some issues, even if his credentials are weak. For example, during the 2016 campaign, Trump moved away from the conservative dogma of spending cuts and began trying to brand himself as a different kind of Republican who protected widely popular entitlement programs. But the president has said Trump is open to killing federal rights, even Medicare. At the end of his tenure, some of his top management officials hatched a big conspiracy Cost reductions Occurrence later Re-election when Trump is less politically vulnerable.

But from the last political failure Ro It was too dangerous for the GOP. Across the country, Republicans have dramatically underperformed in the 2022 and 2023 elections. Since then, all seven abortions have been directly on the ballot. Dobbs, most voters — even in conservative states like Kansas and Kentucky — either opposed restrictions or supported protections. Trump’s perception that he should compete with Biden Dobbs The hanging decision has angered the former president and his top staff, especially anti-abortion activists who expect Trump to buy into their demands on restrictions and federal bans.

For more than a year, anti-abortion groups have been publicly and furiously attacking Trump — withholding support, lobbying Thank you On the rivals, even Opting out of his events – to force every former president to commit more fully to advancing his anti-abortion agenda if he returns to the Oval Office. At the very least, these activists want to support the 15-week national abortion ban that helped get the former president back into the White House.

A year ago, Kristen Hawkins, president of Students for Life of America, slammed Trump, saying she and her group “are not seeking the ambiguity of the people we support.” We understand that the struggle is at the beginning, not the end. Lila Rose, founder of Live Action; They spoke A rolling stone At the time: “Pro-life voters will not take a back seat or be treated as a secondary constituency…[We] They are a powerful bloc, and we demand more than lip service…a candidate who takes a bold stand to protect our nation’s most vulnerable must get the pro-life vote.

But that was then — when his humiliating rejection of Trumpism in the 2022 midterms and the strength of DeSantis’ 2024 run left the former president looking newly vulnerable. (Representatives for Students for Life and Live Action did not respond. A rolling stonefeedback questions.)

Now, instead of making concessions, Trump and his advisers not only muster enough support to win a cakewalk primary, they call abortion hardliners’ bluff. ” of [anti-abortion] Activists who thought they were going to force Donald Trump to commit political suicide are sorely mistaken,” said a Republican close to Trump’s campaign. A rolling stone. “These were all or nothing he had to realize he didn’t need. They want him.”

In recent months, Trump has argued to aides and key allies that he doesn’t want a nationwide ban based on the polls of “even Republican” voters, the two sources said. Not only that, but he pushed Republican candidates and criticized some conservative activists on the issue in a way that alarmed suburban women voters.

In public, Gov. DeSantis called the six-week abortion ban in Florida a “terrible mistake.”

Trump’s strategy seems to be to promise to be pro-life if re-elected, but to reject policies like national bans in 2024 — and hope Just enough Voters don’t notice the cynical triangle.

“Donald Trump and his advisors greenlighting ads that describe Trump’s assassination defies reality. Roe v. Wade Millions of women in 21 states live under laws that severely restrict abortion every day – and do they have a strategy to control their position on the same issue? Biden campaign spokeswoman Seth Schuster in a statement A rolling stone. “Nobody is buying it, and it’s obviously not going to work. Donald Trump focused his first laser moment on taking away basic liberties from millions of women, and he did it — and now he’s living with the consequences next November. “

How many people — on both sides of the aisle — end up selling Trump remains to be seen. When Trump first announced his candidacy a year ago, Susan B. Anthony’s Pro-Life America, one of the largest and most powerful anti-abortion organizations in the country, did not rush to promote Trump. Instead, the group issued a statement asking the former president to outline his “pro-life vision” and post-Dobbs platform. The SBA has since announced that it will not support candidates who do not comply with the 15-week ban.

In theory, that would include Trump, who refuses to make such a statement. But the group is not backing down from the former president. “We’re thankful that former President Trump has been the most supportive president yet, reminding voters with his recent ads,” said Mary Owens, spokeswoman for Susan B. Anthony Pro-Life America. She talks about the company. A rolling stone“He realized that it takes more than 18 months to build a culture of life in this country.

Owens did not respond to specific questions about whether anyone at the organization was working with the former president or his team to push for a 15-week national ban, or if the team refused to support Trump in such a ban. The team has. announced The 15-week suspension does not endorse candidates for House or Senate candidates who have not endorsed them.

Rather b A rolling stoneSBA Pro-Life America wanted to highlight the differences between Trump and his general election rival — affirming Trump’s campaign logic: “Just as former President Trump exposed Hillary Clinton’s abortion fanaticism to voters in 2016, we urge him to do the same in 2024.” We must not forget who the real extremists on abortion are.”

The Trump campaign, meanwhile, cited its own appreciation for the SBA in a statement to the former president. The former president “has given the leaders of the movement unprecedented powers of negotiation and actions without parallel,” spokesman Steven Cheung said. “In these unprecedented accomplishments, President Trump advises Republicans to learn to talk about this critical issue in the right way and to remember that, despite the left’s attempts to paint it that way, they are radical Democrats, not Republicans.”

During his time in the White House, Trump has sometimes made it clear to anti-abortion allies why his rhetoric isn’t as gang-ho as many of them. last yearDallas megachurch pastor and Trump faith advisor Robert Jeffress relayed a conversation he had with Trump at the White House shortly after the 2020 Republican National Convention.

According to Jeffress, the then-president said that “there were a lot of Americans who were prejudiced against the issue.” He said the American public was conflicted on the issue, with polls showing that there were Americans who opposed abortion on demand but disagreed on an absolute ban. that most Americans are among them.”

“‘It’s a serious matter,’ I believe, were his exact words,” added Jeffress.


The pastor speaks A rolling stone He recently spoke with the former president about the issue, saying, “When I spoke to President Trump on the phone a few months ago about this issue, he agreed that the Republican loss was because he took a strong position on this issue.” He had the right strategy. He is, of course, still very pro-life, but it does no good to pretend that he, or his movement, should campaign for a six-week ban, as others have done.

Jeffress continued, “He’s going to be the Republican nominee to take on Joe Biden … and anyone who thinks he’s going to encourage Donald Trump to do or say anything on this important issue clearly doesn’t know Donald Trump.”

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