UB political science professor discusses 2023 local election results

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With this year’s selection in the books, we’re examining the impact on the season’s results as we look ahead to 2024. Jody Kenney spoke with Buffalo political science professor Jacob Niheisel, who said even though Republican Carmela Mantello won Troy’s mayorship. The Democrats were more successful in 2023, when competition and the party picked up some seats in Hamburg’s city council. When it comes to congressional races, Neisel said it’s too early to tell whether the effects of midterm redistricting will continue into next year. With all eyes on the race for the White House, Kneisel offers some historical perspective on current polls, which may not give an accurate picture of who voters will ultimately support. In the Republican primary, Niheisel said that while former President Donald Trump would not be disqualified from running because of a felony conviction, anything that would take the candidate’s attention away from the campaign trail would have a negative impact.

You can watch the full interview with Jacob Niheisel in the video player above. And tune in to In Focus with Jodi Kane every Sunday to see the biggest issues impacting upstate New York. Spectrum News 1.

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