Ukraine strikes Russian aircraft factory 200 miles behind enemy lines

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A Ukrainian drone struck a Russian aircraft factory 200 miles behind enemy lines.

The Military Intelligence Agency of Ukraine (HUR) claimed responsibility for the explosion at the Smolensk Aviation Factory. Footage of the explosion shows black smoke billowing from the factory, which fires Kh-59 cruise missiles.

Russia’s military-affiliated Telegram channel Baza said two drones had crashed into the factory, one of which fell on the roof and exploded. He also stated that there was no damage to human life. This is the second time. Ukraine has sent drones. To attack the factory – An earlier raid in October caused significant damage to production lines.

The attack appeared to be part of a wave of 35 drone strikes over the weekend by Ukraine, which on Saturday began retaliating for an attack by 70 Russian Shaheed drones.

It comes at a critical time in the war, with front lines frozen and Western military support and financial aid for Ukraine a major question mark.

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