Ukrainians are getting target practice on drones at a secret training center, ABC reports

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  • Russian airstrikes have hampered Ukraine’s counterattack.
  • Ukrainian soldiers are training to shoot down drones without the help of Western weapons.
  • On Saturday, Russia carried out its largest drone strike since the start of the war.

Ukrainian soldiers They are preparing to face it. Russian drones without the help of Western weapons in training centers hidden in the northern part of Ukraine; ABC reported.

At a training center in the north, Ukrainian soldiers are targeting training on unmanned aerial vehicles similar to Iranian-made Shahed drones, which carry Soviet-era anti-aircraft weapons and machine guns.

The head of Ukraine’s northern border defense, Lt. Gen. Serhii Nayev, focused on various weapons training in the face of the “resource war” between Russia and Ukraine.

The goal is to ensure that Western air defense systems – expensive and cumbersome – are rarely used as a last resort.

Concern comes at a time when sitting in Congress as an American-aid package to Ukraine Military support The country’s popularity among hard-right Republicans will decrease. The aid package, which is tied to financial aid to Israel, is also being scrutinized. Left-wing Democrats.

“It should be understood that the reduction in aid will affect our defense capabilities,” Nayiv said. But we fight with what we have.

Ukraine continues. reactive In the southern part of the region, Russia is using drones to destroy its troops. According to Ukrainian data, Russia has delivered 800 drones in the past two months, ABC News reported. The strategy is to strengthen the country’s dense air defense system The Washington Post It has already been reported.

Russian It is the most useful unmanned weapon. Lancets, which are light-weight ballistic bullets that collide with targets and explode. The drones have proved effective in Ukraine’s efforts to push back Russian advances.

Russia has also been using it. Shaheed-136 dronesembarrass Iranian-made ammunition and create its own Cheaply made drones To defeat the air defenses of Ukraine. Meanwhile, the Russians also targeted Ukrainian drones And it clogs their system, making them inactive.

On Saturday, Russia started the big one. Air strike on Kiev Since the start of the fighting, five people have been injured and the kindergarten set on fire.

According to the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, 75 unmanned aerial vehicles produced by the Iranian company OJ Parvaz Mado Nafar in 2018.

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