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The University of Indianapolis has announced that Dr. Carl Knapp has been named the next dean of the School of Business following an extensive and competitive search process. Knapp promised to expand the focus on the field of artificial intelligence and applied education for students to learn experience in business giants such as Alison Transmission or Fastene, as well as in non-profit organizations such as the Midwest Food Bank or the Burma American Community Institute.

“It’s important to the UIndy Business School to extend its significant partnerships with local companies so that our students can simultaneously apply what they’ve learned in the real world,” Knapp said. As we prepare the next generation of business leaders, we will expand our leadership as the most innovative business school in Indiana by incorporating artificial intelligence and advanced data analytics into our curriculum.

Under Knapp’s leadership as interim associate dean, every department in the business school has at least one project built into the curriculum so that students are better prepared when they graduate. Knapp spent his sabbatical studying for his degree in 2022 and is an expert on how artificial intelligence affects workers and organizations in the business world.

Knapp has 17 years of industry experience managing information technology and strategic planning in both the financial services and high-tech manufacturing industries. In the year He joined UND as a professor in 2006. Knapp has won Teacher of the Year four times at two different universities, including UIndy Teacher of the Year in 2010.

“Dr. Knapp is typical of our business faculty who both have significant industry experience and a terminal degree in their field,” said Dr. UNID is the only school in Indiana to hire such accomplished industry professionals with doctoral degrees.

Knapp has authored articles and book chapters on a variety of topics such as supply chain management, outsourcing, information technology, organizational culture, enterprise resource planning systems, and the learning styles of Midwestern college students.

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