UNLV Special Collections & Archives Launches Academic Initiative Documenting Sexual Entertainment and Economies

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UNLV Libraries Special Collections and Archives has established a new initiative to preserve the history of sexual entertainment, culture, and economics in partnership with the Department of Interdisciplinary, Gender, and Ethnic Studies (IGES) in UNLV’s College of Liberal Arts. Southern Nevada and beyond.

“Sex Entertainment and Economies” includes collections on sex worker rights and activism, female entrepreneurship, adult film and media, and the history of Nevada’s legal prostitution industry.

“As an academic research institution, this initiative positions UNLV as the premier repository of historical and contemporary collections documenting the sexual entertainment and economy,” said UNLV Director of Special Collections and Archives Sarah Quigg. “Many industry groups have expressed interest in helping us establish strong clusters in these areas, which in turn will support the growing interest in this interdisciplinary academic field.”

Collections resulting from this initiative may include business correspondence, magazines and personal materials documenting industry experiences, printed promotional materials, and oral histories with individuals in the industry. These collections will be housed in UNLV’s Special Collections and Archives, and will be accessible to faculty, students, and researchers in the False Library.

“Sex entertainment is an expression of Las Vegas’ identity and an integral part of Nevada’s economy,” said Lynn Comella, professor and chair of UNLV’s Department of Interdisciplinary, Gender and Ethnic Studies. – Award-winning researcher and renowned expert on the adult entertainment industry. Few cities worldwide have earned Las Vegas’ reputation as a major entertainment mecca.

Comella, who has researched and published widely on the cultural and economic impact of the adult entertainment industry, has begun using the collection as part of her feminist research methods course and hopes it will appeal to other disciplines at UNLV. Gender and Pop Culture, Gender and Social Arrangements, and Gender and Society, among others.

The first collection to be donated comes from Shar Rednor and Jackie Strano, two passionate lesbian filmmakers, writers and activists. of Shar Rednour and Jackie Strano Papers on SIR Productions Includes the couple’s personal and professional papers from the 1990s, as well as numerous sex-positive and LGBTQ publications from San Francisco.

This initiative joins UNLV’s Special Collections and Archives Center for Oral History Research, which focuses on the history of gambling and gaming, significant collections documenting the history of entertainment in the city, and collecting marginalized first-person stories. Communities in cities and regions.

The UNLV repository stands alongside other prestigious academic collections at prominent North American institutions, such as the Human Sexuality Collection at Cornell University and the Sexual Representations Collection at the University of Toronto.

UNLV IGES and Special Collections and Archives will host an educational symposium in January 2024 in conjunction with the AVN Adult Entertainment Expo in Las Vegas. The event will include several educational panels and an evening reception with collection donors. of Museum of erotic artefacts is the title sponsor of the symposium and reception. Several preview discussions were held during the fall semester sponsored by the Black Mountain Institute, UNLV IGES, and Special Collections and Archives.

Information about planning a study program to UNLV Special Collections and Archives, including hours, reading room guidelines, and collection use rules; Visit the Special Collections and Archives website.

For more information about the collection initiative, visit Special Collections and Archives website. For those interested in supporting the collection, make a donation at UNLV Foundation (When making a donation, select the Sex Entertainment and Economy option).

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