‘Vanderpump Rules’ Alum Kristen Doute Reveals She Had a Miscarriage

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Ex Vanderpump rules Star Kristen Doute And her boyfriend, Luke Broderick, recently revealed the tragedy of suffering a miscarriage. The couple shared their heartbreaking news on their podcast. Sex, Love and Other Matters with Kristen Doute; on November 26.

The 40-year-old Dutee bravely recounted the details of her journey, explaining that the pregnancy had medically reached the stage of a damaged egg, where the embryo is not fully developed and pregnancy is impossible.

“I’m just comfortable talking about it because I know a lot of my friends have gone through this,” he said on the podcast. Could I have done something different?’ And my doctor and my friends told me that there is no reason, inside or outside or underneath, they don’t know the reason.”


Despite the heartache, the couple, who announced their engagement in December 2022, are focusing on the silver lining and looking forward to the future.

“The only silver lining, the fact that we’ve been grinding this out for the last four or five days, once me and Luke get through it, we can try again,” Dutt shared. “And we were very lucky and very lucky to get pregnant very quickly.”

Accepting the uncertainty of the situation, Dutt says she believes in a higher plan, “I didn’t go through IVF, I didn’t freeze my eggs, I didn’t do anything. I think there is something in God’s plan. .”

She added: “It’s a very sad thing that happened to us. And I know we’ll be able to try really hard soon. And I think we’ll be very hopeful for a much healthier pregnancy next time.”

During the podcast, Doute and Broderick recounted their initial excitement when they found out about the pregnancy. Dutt recalls, “It’s been an exciting time so far,” adding Broderick, “It hurts to be where we are now, but we have to try to focus on the positive side of things.”


Broderick expressed his commitment to support Dutte during this trying time, “I know I’m here to be your rock, and I want to be. I want to be there with you. And help me get through these sad times, because I know it won’t be that far away and back to happier times. It’s coming, we’ll make it, and One day we will be a wonderful happy family.

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