Watch: Emotional reunions as children, women hostages released by Hamas

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There was joy and relief when the Israelis finally freed by Hamas militants were reunited with their families after being held captive for 50 days. Hamas militants released another 17 hostages on SaturdayIsrael freed 39 Palestinian prisoners, including 13 Israelis in the Gaza Strip, in the final phase of a four-day ceasefire.

Maya Regev, 21, was among 13 Israelis and four hostages freed late Saturday.

Ohad Munder, 9, in the video Released at Schneider Children’s Medical Center (SCMC), he is seen running and being hugged by his father after he was released from the Gaza Strip by Hamas on Friday.

Ohad was released along with his mother, Karen Munder, 55, and his grandmother, Ruthie Munder, 78. Ruti’s husband, Avraham Munder, is still in Hamas-controlled Gaza.

It has been nine years since Ohad was held in Gaza, and events were held across Israel to mark the day. Campaigners to release Rubik’s Cubes, a challenge for the boy, created his image from the puzzle.

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Footage shared on social media on Saturday showed Ohad solving a Rubik’s Cube in the hospital as Israeli Defense Force (IDF) soldiers looked on.

In an emotional video, Ohad’s brother, Roy Zichri Munder, thanked the IDF for its role in evacuating his family and fellow citizens, saying, “We couldn’t have made it through these 49 days without your hugs and support.”

“Thank you to all the people of Israel. It is very important that we do not celebrate today. We are happy that we have so many hostages, but we do not celebrate and we must continue our campaign. We will continue with ours. We will continue our efforts until all the hostages are freed,” Roy said.

Don’t despair, they will be back soon.

Emilia Aloni meets Grandpa.

Emilia Aloni, a five-year-old girl, was released along with her mother, Danielle, and reunited with her grandmother. In the photos released by SMS, Emilia is seen in a tight hug with her grandfather.

On October 7, the two were visiting Daniel’s sister and her family at Kibbutz Nir Oz, when they were all taken hostage by Hamas.

Maya Regev

Among the hostages freed late Saturday was 21-year-old Maya Regev, who was taken hostage by Hamas fighters in a deadly attack on the Supernova music festival.

She is the first of the music festival hostages to be released after armed Hamas fighters attended the event, killing hundreds of people, taking hostages and fleeing for their lives.

Maya Regev and her 18-year-old brother Itai were seen tied to the back of a pickup truck after the attack.

Her mother Mirit said in a statement issued by the Hostage Families Forum: “I am very happy and happy that Maya is now on her way to us. However, my heart is broken because my son Itai is still in captivity by Hamas in Gaza.” .

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