What Happens After George Santos Gets Forced Out of Congress?

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George SantosHis political future could be decided this week after months of legal troubles and calls for his resignation. What happens over the next few days will help determine the future of Santos’ congressional district, a Long Island and Queens-based swing district that will be key to next year’s battle for the lower house. (Santos already spoke. He will not run for re-election..)

As Congress returns from recess, many members of the House have passed resolutions to expel the first Congressman from the House, setting up a vote with a chance of success. Ahead of that vote, Santos may choose to resign from his seat rather than become one of the few members voted out of the House, though Santos himself has said he has no intention of resigning. With the impeachment vote this week and the 2024 election on the horizon, here’s what to expect.

The House of Representatives is expected to vote by Tuesday on whether to expel Santos from the House, his third impeachment since taking office. Previous experiments a Referral to the ethics committee in May and a Unsuccessful vote At the beginning of this month. But after the ethics committee of the council released the offense, his attitude began to change Report It accused Santos of “serious and widespread campaign-finance violations and fraudulent practices.” The release of the report prompted calls for the resignation of Santos, the Republican ethics chairman. Michael Guest And a Democratic congressman Robert Garcia Presenting dismissal decisions soon. Garcia who made the first decision against him presented A new privilege is expected to follow on Tuesday afternoon with the guest later that day His own. Special resolutions must come to the floor for a vote within two days of the application being made.

Punchbowl News House Republicans may wait until Thursday to vote on the guest measure, according to reports. But this plan was not completed. Speaker of the House Mike Johnson reported They spoke Tuesday to Santos.

The previous impeachment vote was 179 to 213, including members of his own party who supported Santos’ impeachment. On the date of the ethics report, Axios It reported that 19 Democrats and about 12 Republicans had previously considered switching sides to oust Santos. Since then, the list has only grown. Although the official “yes” is not known – and there are still many members who have not made their position public – Santos seems to have realized that there is enough support for a vote to be expelled this time on X-Space last week. “I’ve done the math over and over, and it doesn’t look very good,” he said. he said..

Still, impeachment from Congress is extremely rare because it requires a two-thirds vote of the House to pass. Only five councilors were expelled. History of the roomMany of the displacements took place during the civil war. Pennsylvania Congressman Michael “Ozzie” Myers, who was ousted from office in 1980 in the FBI Abscam sting, and Ohio Congressman James Traifant, who was indicted for bribery in 2002.

During the X Spaces discussion, Santos indicated that he would accept his new outsider status if fired.

“You want to fire me? I wear it like a badge of honor,” he said. he said.. I just get fired because people don’t like me.

If Santos vacates his seat, whether by (name) election or not; New York State Law It will require Gov. Cathy Hochul to issue a proclamation calling for a special election within ten days of the seat becoming vacant. The election will be held within 70 to 80 days after the proclamation. County Party Committee members nominate a candidate to run in the election.

On the Democratic side, the once strong field has narrowed following the entry of a former congressman. Tom SuzyFormerly the seat of the Third Congressional District. (Suozzi previously defeated Santos when he ran for the seat in 2020, but Suozzi declined to run in an unsuccessful bid against Hochul in the gubernatorial race in 2022.) Two former candidates, charity co-founder Zak Melamed and Nassau County Legislator Josh Lafazan, dropped their bids to endorse Suozzi’s campaign. Former state Sen. Anna Kaplan is also campaigning for the seat.

There are several Republican candidates, including Air Force veteran Kelan Curry, attorney Greg Hatch and retired NYPD detective Mike Saprico.

of new york Daily news He reported that a special election could be held in late February, and that the previously scheduled 2024 primary and general election would later determine who would hold the seat for a full term.

If Santos leaves Congress, his problems will not end. He is set to go on trial on September 9, 2024 on the 23 federal charges pending against him. In May, federal prosecutors Accused Santos instructed a consultant to solicit contributions from donors and use those funds only for personal expenses and purchases, among other misdemeanors. They filed ten charges including money laundering, money laundering and making false statements.

Santos later on Substitutable charge in October with 13 additional charges, including identity theft and making false statements to the FEC. Prosecutors say Santos personally defrauded campaign donors of thousands of dollars in unauthorized transactions using their credit card information. He is accused of conspiring with his campaign accountant, Nancy Marks, to inflate the amount of money he received through a false campaign in order to qualify for the Republican Party Committee’s campaign funding program. Signs He pleaded guilty A conspiracy to defraud the United States last month.

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