What the Tech? Protecting packages

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More than $10 billion worth of merchandise is currently on trucks as people spent money online on Black Friday alone.

There are thieves following some of those delivery trucks waiting for a package to be placed on someone’s front steps.

While everyone wants their order delivered ASAP, you may want to think about delivery options during the holidays. If it’s Amazon, you can pick a day you know you’ll be home and place all your orders on that day. You can earn credits for digital purchases like books, music and movie rentals.

Amazon also offers “key delivery,” where the courier remotely opens your garage, leaves the package inside, and closes the door when you leave. You will need a remote garage door opener and a ring security camera.

However, Amazon has changed its key shipping policy. It was free for Prime customers. Now, it’s $2 more unless you’re okay with waiting several days.

Key deliveries take up to one week on certain packages.

Another option is to pick up your order from Amazon Locker, just like at a local store. That’s free.

It’s a bit complicated to order from another store. Walmart+ customers can have orders delivered from a local store. You can’t choose a day or time for delivery though.

If package theft is common where you live, it’s best to place your order online and pick it up in store.

Remember, if you have a stolen package from Amazon, it is guaranteed. As per Amazon’s A-to-Z policy, you must wait 48 hours after delivery and report. Amazon will either refund the price or replace the item.

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