When will Congress vote to expel George Santos? Will the expulsion resolution succeed?

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Representative George Santos of New York Vote left to remove it From the house earlier this month, but He might not do it again. When Congress reconvenes after Thanksgiving recess.

Santos was indicted in New York. Fraud, money laundering, stealing public resources and making false statements to the House of Representatives.

Santos survived the first dismissal vote

Republicans, eager to distance themselves from their popular colleague, moved to fire him earlier this month. however, There was not enough noise to drive him out Many Republicans and 31 Democrats chose not to punish him Pending investigation by the criminal court and the ethics committee of the House.

A few weeks later, the chairman of the council’s ethics committee filed a lawsuit Another decision to vote for the dismissal of Santos After the committee came out with a detailed report containing the offenses of the representative Personal use of campaign funds.

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Will the decision to fire Santos succeed?

It is the report of the committee. Another vote to remove Santos could change the outcome. A two-thirds vote is needed to remove him from office If all the Democrats vote to do thisThey just need some 80 Republican members of Congress To reach the necessary numbers.

Twenty-four GOP members voted to fire him, and according to Politico, at least 60 others indicated that they would vote against it.

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Santos: ‘He’s going to be fired.’

Santos said after the committee’s findings were made public. He does not want a second timeAlthough he continued Refuse to resign.

While he doesn’t deny it, Santos knows his time as New York’s representative may be numbered.

I know that I will be fired When this dismissal decision goes to the floor,” Santos said on Friday night’s broadcast on X-Space.

“I’ve done the math over and over, and It doesn’t look very good.” he added.

The ethics committee referred the study to the Department of Justice. The information collected by the committee may be. It affects the cases filed against him in federal court.

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