Why are people quitting X? Elon Musk’s ‘can’t handle truth’ dig

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Tesla CEO Elon Musk has said that people who can’t handle the reality because of community notes will leave the social media platform X.

Elon Musk (REUTERS)

But Musk said people are increasingly realizing that X is “the best source of truth,” leading to an increase in the number of users on the social media platform.

Taking to social media platform X, Elon Musk said: “Those who can’t handle reality will leave this platform because of @CommunityNotes.” But the public will recognize that X is the best source of truth, which will increase our user base. They arise when they leave out the most limited sources of information.”

Musk made the statement in response to a post shared on X. The Rabbit Hole account shared a post in which Community Notes slammed Open Society Foundation Chairman Alex Soros for misrepresenting the reality of American crime.

In a post shared on X, The Rabbit Hole wrote, “First picture: Soros gets hit with community notes for misrepresenting the reality of crime in America. Second picture: Soros being rationed by a random rabbit tag under the same post. Never. Delete this app.”

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Specifically, community notes were formerly known as birdwatches. In the year In a November 2022 Community Notes post shared on X, “Birdwatch is now Community Notes. We’ve seen our contributors try to explain what Birdwatch is, and we believe a simpler, more recognizable name would help. So community notes.. that’s what it is. He continued, “It’s not just a random new name. It’s the original name of Birdwatch. Before Birdwatch existed, before there was anyone building this thing, it was a design mockup that reflected the idea, and you know what it was. It was called?” “If you’re a contributor and can’t find Birdwatch in your menu, that’s because it has a new name,” Community Notes said in a post on X.

Like the X Help Center, Community Notes aims to create a better informed world by allowing people on X to collaboratively add context to potentially misleading posts. It also says, “Contributors can leave notes on any post, and if enough contributors from different viewpoints find that note helpful, the note will appear publicly on a post.”


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