Why data virtualization is critical for business success

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Businesses today are sitting on a vast amount of data, which has the potential to open up new opportunities and ways to stay one step ahead of the competition. But data doesn’t always come in a neatly packaged format, ready to be sorted, analyzed and used for decision making or analysis. Enterprises are very complex operations that often maintain and produce mountains of structured and unstructured data. Generating meaningful insights from data may require moving that data into a better environment for analysis. But doing so can expose data to a series of unintended consequences.

Despite the obstacles, the data that businesses have is not only critical to driving revenue, but has the potential to be transformative by capturing insights that help keep up with the pace of change, disruption, and modernization that is sweeping the market. As decision makers look for ways to tap into their data and drive business success, data virtualization tools are a critical piece of the puzzle.

Improving access to data

For organizations that rely on mainframes, those systems store and process vast amounts of data. But it’s not always neatly organized within an organization. When dealing with so much fragmented information, bringing everything into focus poses a real challenge. And as businesses actively update their existing systems, some data can remain silent, making it impossible to truly understand what’s at hand. If business leaders want to make the most of their data, the first step must be to bring in tools that capture data from all corners of the organization—especially data virtualization. With data virtualization tools, businesses gain the power to bring together all those disparate sources. Centralize information; And create a virtual, integrated view of everything on the main frame.

Additionally, IT leadership must balance the need for information with the risk of using it in the first place. Data professionals need unrestricted access if they want to create new business opportunities and make better decisions, but taking anything out of the core framework can be harmful, opening organizations to serious risks. So how can you get this if there is no risk of exposure? Data virtualization again holds the answer. Our own data virtualization tool, Virtualization of rocket dataIt allows users to access mainframe data in-place without the need to move, duplicate, or modify it in any way.

Driving real-time decisions

In any organization, decisions must be made quickly and in real time. By consolidating disparate information across the enterprise and mainframe, data virtualization enables faster access to critical information. While opening up access to data, data virtualization delivers analytics and real-time insights into business mainframe data like never before. And with that access, it becomes easier to integrate mainframe data with other sources to create real-time information on everything from customer demand to new security threats.

Data virtualization has a democratizing effect in organizations, making it easier for people in all business units to visualize data and generate valuable and actionable insights. With this technology, users can combine data from across the business to create new visualizations that provide instant value beyond the groups of data they read. As a result, any user in the organization, be it executives or business analysts, can take the data in the mainframe and combine it with other sources to create new analytics and inform the overall business approach.

Data virtualization holds the key

Any business’s data is only valuable if it can be accessed quickly enough to solve existing challenges. As speed and efficiency dominate the market, data virtualization has become one of the most influential technologies for maximizing the value of data and turning that into sustainable business success. as tools Virtualization of rocket data Simplifying data centralization, enabling a new level of real-time decision-making that allows businesses to stay ahead of the competition and buy into today’s expanding enterprise.

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