Why I’m honestly going to miss George Santos

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On Tuesday afternoon in Washington, D.C., a group of volunteers flew a 15-foot balloon shaped like George Santos between the Capitol and the Washington Monument. Balloon Santos wears the same glasses that human Santos wears, as well as a “full of lies” suit and tie.

Last week, Santos said he would not run for his seat in Congress representing New York’s 3rd District. He announced this after the House Ethics Committee released a 55-page report. The report. StatesAmong other things, Santos spent campaign money on Botox treatments and trips to the Hamptons and Atlantic City.

The ethics investigation appears to have convinced some of Santos’ colleagues to vote to expel him from the party, including ethics chairman Michael Guest, R-Miss.

Santos, a Republican, thinks his ouster is inevitable. Santos in a discussion on X places on the weekend he said., “I know I will be fired when this dismissal resolution goes to the floor. I’ve done the math over and over, and it doesn’t look very good.”

So our final hour with Santos in the United States House of Representatives is near, it seems. And if the council votes to expel him, even if I have better judgment, I’ll miss him.

Obviously, this person should not be in the highest legislative body of the country. or requiring honesty, integrity or decency in any profession.

It was a year ago when he was fired. Learned He lied about every bullet point in his accounting. According to The New York Times, Santos has never worked at Citigroup or Goldman Sachs, nor attended Baruch College or NYU, despite his claims to the contrary. His so-called “family firm” had no clients, so it was dubbed “The Devolder Organization,” a name so patently false that even George Costanza, who named Vandeley Industries, mocked him.

The pet “charity” is said to have done no charity work, and the only job that could be confirmed by the Times was a role in a company that operated a Ponzi scheme.

But instead of admitting that Santos has lied his whole life, he’s dug in his heels, denied the allegations and spent the last year spinning lies and shenanigans, each one more absurd than the last.

It was a shame for our country and our name. But for those of us with a touch of political nihilism and a penchant for drama, it was more than a little entertaining.

So, to commemorate Santos’ one-year tenure, I’ve decided to revisit some of the weirdest Santosisms of the past year.

He may or may not be married.

Although his first campaign biography mentions a husband, The daily beast No record of his marriage could be found. In the year However, there is a record that he divorced a woman in 2019. They have been married for five years. During their marriage, Santos organized an engagement party to celebrate his marriage to his boyfriend, but the party never took place because his boyfriend rejected the proposal. Maybe because Santos was married to a woman at the time? I got into “Days of Our Lives” one summer and no plot line on that soap could match this level of complexity.

He said he was a Broadway producer.

In the 2021 campaign, Santos It is reported For donors, the Broadway production of “Spider-Man: End the Darkness. Santos’ curious claims are denied by the actual manufacturers. The play seems to have been cursed with injuries, delays, and various production problems that have cost it millions. Since the play was such a flop, I have to think it was Santos has been Somehow he was involved. It honestly explains a lot.

He gave snacks to reporters but refused to answer questions.

Maybe he’s going around members of the media. Maybe he is lonely and trying to make friends. Perhaps the chicken sandwiches were an attempt to distract journalists and the American public from his alleged deception. Maybe he thought waffle fries worked as a substitute for answers to tough questions.

Mitt Romney compared himself to Rosa Parks after saying Santos should take a back seat.

Romney’s State of the Union address on the House floor after an inaudible but visibly heated exchange between Senator Mitt Romney and Santos. They spoke Reporters said, “Since (Santos) is under ethics investigation, he should sit in the back row and keep quiet.”

And Santos couldn’t help himself:

Maybe he tried to steal a baby?

In October, while the House was trying to elect a speaker — certainly a stressful time for its members — Santos walked out of Rep. Tim Burchett’s office with a baby. When someone asks if he is Santos’ son, Santos says, “Not yet!” he replied.

Although Santos employees said the child belonged to an employee, Business InsiderThe child was not a member of Burchett’s crew. Bercht was not even in his office at the time.

He pretended to be a Mets fan and sang badly in the video

True New York Mets fans did not take kindly to Santos Display Support on X.

In the Wiki post he said he was on ‘Hannah Montana’

User Anthony Devolder, Ann Alternate name For Santos, he created a Wikipedia bio that says he appeared in a Disney Channel series alongside Miley Cyrus. His bio states that he appeared in the Uma Thurman-starrer “The Invader.” Uma Thurman has never been in a movie called “The Invasion.”

These Santos antics are more harmless, easy to laugh at. The lies and actions are so strange that even the most imaginative writers could not dream of creating a character so strange and unwittingly funny.

Santos, of course, is said to have done more cunning than that. ThingsLike committing identity theft, Lying about his mother’s death in the 9/11 terrorist attacks, claiming his grandmother was a Holocaust victim, stealing money from veterans, stealing money from donors and lying to Congress.

All of these are more than enough reasons to be fired and it’s a shame it took so long to get him out of the Capitol.

But the part of me that enjoyed Santos’s constant supply of nonsense in the middle – like a spoiled box of chocolates – will miss him when he’s gone.

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