Widely assumed Commanders will fire Ron Rivera after season; Washington could be looking for new GM as well

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of Washington commanders They are 4-8 on the season, winless in the NFC East; He recently fired defensive coordinator Jack Del Rio And have a new owner who has made it clear that he will make changes to the organization after the season ends.

Multiple sources tell CBS Sports that teammate Josh Harris is interested in keeping Ron Rivera through the end of the regular season, but it’s widely assumed he won’t be able to stay on as head coach and head coach beyond the 17th. Game of the year.

That means there will be a search for a head coach and possibly a general manager in Washington this offseason. And both works are considered to be among the most attractive NFL.

Rivera’s season-ending scenario could happen even if Washington was mathematically eliminated from postseason contention weeks earlier. One source said that Rivera earned the right to stay until the end, while others noted that keeping Rivera during his absence would present himself as a good owner and willing to evaluate everything without making hasty decisions.

The decision to fire Del Rio was Rivera’s, with no order disclosed by ownership. The defense has struggled all season — bottom-four in yards allowed and points allowed before the contest. Chase Young And Montez Lab trade — and a team source suggested the defense could use an offseason boost with Del Rio.

Rivera signed a five-year contract before the 2020 season, so he still has one year left on his contract.

Dan Snyder hired Rivera as a calming force in the dysfunctional organization Snyder Controller. Rivera brought a level of professionalism and maturity to the program as the leader of all football operations from the jump.

Rivera led Washington to the playoffs in his first year, winning the NFC East with a 7-9 record but losing in the wild-card round in the eventual Super Bowl win. Buccaneers. But the team couldn’t build on that success and finished undefeated this season, ending their season in Washington without a win and just one playoff appearance.

Since 1978, no coach other than Joe Gibbs has taken the Washington franchise to the playoffs more than once during his tenure there.

Harris bought the team for a record $6.05 billion this summer, and the deal wasn’t completed until July. He had no plans to make any coaching changes before or during the season. But he told Sports Business Journal that changes will be made to the building in October.

“Not everyone is going to make it. But at the same time, I found a very dedicated and hard-working group of people, and they want to rise to the challenge,” Harris said. “Right now we’re trying to support everyone, but we’re also trying to raise expectations and hold people accountable. So we’ll have to see where it goes. But right now, everything is working well.”

The Chiefs have a structure where the head coach directs all football. The Chiefs hired Martin Mayhew as GM in January 2021, but Rivera will retain final say in football matters.

Rivera’s firing at the end of the season will create more traditional roles for head coach and GM, and that could lead to Washington finding a new general manager.

“Everybody is gunning for Washington,” one staff executive said of the commanders’ open GM position.

Washington has a healthy salary cap situation, good draft picks and an ownership group — less than half a year into its reign — that looks competent. There’s something glamorous about the job in Washington that hasn’t been there for a quarter century.

Given Harris’ background, a league source told CBS Sports that any candidate with an open mind to information and analysis would be a plus.

Still, the season isn’t over. And there’s a lot more to evaluate in Washington before any decision is finally made. Harris continues to exercise patience before making any major decisions with the organization.

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