“Will Wear It Every Day Until…”: Elon Musk On Receiving Dog Tag From Israeli Parent

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Elon Musk arrived in Tel Aviv on Monday for a two-day visit.

Billionaire Elon Musk has expressed his support for the ongoing conflict with Hamas after receiving a symbolic dog tag for the father of his son, who was allegedly held captive by the Palestinian group in Gaza. Mr. Musk arrived in Tel Aviv on Monday for a two-day visit. During a meeting with Israeli President Isaac Herzog and the families of the hostages, Malki, a parent, gave the technologist a dog tag that read, “Our hearts are hostages in Gaza.”

Taking to X (formerly Twitter), the office of the Israeli president shared a video of Mr Musk meeting with the families of the hostages. “During President @Issac_Herzog’s meeting with Elon Musk and the families of the hostages, Rachel showed Elon a video of her son Hersh being seriously injured and kidnapped by Hamas. Malki, the father of another hostage, Omer, gave Elon a dog tag that read, “Our hearts are hostages in Gaza.”

In response, the CEO of Tesla and SpaceX pledged to wear the dog tag every day until all the hostages are released by Hamas. “I wear it every day until your loved ones are released,” he tweeted.

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During the meeting, Mr. Herzog told Mr. Musk that the social networking site had an important role to play in combating the anti-Semitism he was accused of spreading. “Unfortunately, we are inundated with anti-Semitism, which is hatred of Jews,” Mr. Herzog said. You have a big role to play.”

The president added, “And I think we have to fight it together because there’s unfortunately a lot of … anti-Semitism in the platform that you’re in.”

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Mr Musk, for his part, did not mention anti-Semitism in video comments released by Mr Herzog’s office, but said Hamas militants had been “fed propaganda from a young age”. “It’s amazing what people can do if they’re fed a lie from a young age; they think killing innocent people is a good thing,” he said.

Earlier on Monday, the CEO of Tesla also met Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. The Prime Minister’s Office announced that they had discussed “artificial intelligence security issues” with senior defense officials. Mr Netanyahu visited Mr Musk’s Israeli kibbutz, which was destroyed in the October 7 attack by Hamas. He heard an explanation of the massacre at the Kfar Aza Kibbutz from a local council leader and a representative of the Israel Defense Forces. Photographs taken a few days after the attack have been released, according to a press release from the Prime Minister’s Office.

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