Year in review: Media and Entertainment Law in Belarus

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Year review

In the year 2023 will see a continued focus on improving regulation in the media and intellectual property fields.

Amendments to the Belarusian media law are aimed at improving the protection of national interests in the media space and expanding the tools to respond to unfriendly actions against Belarus. For example, amendments have adjusted the wording, introduced news aggregator as a separate form of media regulation, expanded the list of reasons for blocking Internet resources, news aggregator, and set the conditions for banning the mass movement of foreign countries. Media, Internet source.

The rules on the use of intellectual property material have been changed to permit use without permission from copyright owners, which has legalized ‘parallel importing’ to some extent. However, this has not yet been fully implemented.

Amendments to the Intellectual Property Code are expected to come into effect on November 13, 2023. Such amendments affect trademarks, geographical indications, inventions, utility models, industrial designs, plant varieties, integrated circuit topologies, as well as copyright material. Related rights. Key provisions include clarification of the meaning of ‘use’ of a trademark and a description of the possibility of registering a trademark of the Eurasian Economic Union.

In addition, the amendment of the Civil Code was approved by the Parliament in two readings. The reforms include protecting the image of citizens. Publishing and further use of citizens’ images (including photographs, video recordings or artwork) is possible only with their permission. An exception, for example, is established when the images are used in public places and are not the main object of use.

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