Year in review: Media and Entertainment Law in Spain

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In the year While 2021 was marked by the Covid-19 pandemic, 2022 was shaped by the war between Ukraine and Russia. This conflict has affected many sectors, including the audiovisual and communications industries.

According to data released by CNMC’s 2022 sector report on the telecommunications and audiovisual sector in Spain, in 2022, both retail and wholesale revenues will see growth. However, the increase was not enough, with annual growth rates of around 1 percent in both cases. The total investment in the sector reached 5,764.9 billion euros, which showed a decrease of 6.4 percent compared to last year. In the year A significant trend in 2022 was the significant increase in data traffic for both fixed and mobile communication services, which showed an increase of more than 42 percent compared to 2021.

According to the ‘Digital Decade 2023’ report from the European Commission, Spain continues to be a front runner among the leading EU economies in terms of digitalization and connectivity. Spain stands out as having the highest adoption of superfast broadband (93 percent), well above the average (73 percent). The country is also above the European average in terms of digital literacy, with 64 percent of the population possessing basic digital skills. Moreover, Spain leads in business digitalization, present in at least 68 percent of its businesses and excels in providing digital public services (84 percent).

In the year According to the 2023 Prosecutor’s Report, based on the data collected in 2022, Spain saw a total of 24,622 legal proceedings and 218 investigative measures launched by public prosecutors in response to illegal activities falling under the umbrella of cybercrime. In the Public Prosecutor’s Office (FGG) Directive 2/2011. This resulted in a total of 24,840 cases. In particular, the largest part of these legal proceedings involved incidents that fall under the category of fraud and fraud, with a total of 20,111 cases covering 81.68 percent of the total cases presented in the jurisdiction of this special region.

The impact of a strike by Hollywood actors and screenwriters advocating for improved working conditions on Spanish investment remains uncertain. This is happening at a time when the industry is experiencing significant changes with the emergence of new streaming platforms and the integration of artificial intelligence. One of the main effects could be the postponement or cancellation of future products, increased production costs and increased subscription costs for consumers due to intense competition among OTT platforms.

The future impact of the said strike is yet to be determined. However, data from the ‘Film Statistics 2022’ report compiled by the Spanish Ministry of Culture and Sports shows a dramatic improvement in the performance of the Spanish film industry in 2022, both in terms of audience and revenue. In the year In 2022, a total of 705 films were screened, drawing 13.1 million viewers and earning 77.5 million euros. Although not at pre-pandemic levels, these figures represent year-on-year growth of 94.1 percent and 95.3 percent, respectively.

Finally, the gaming industry in Spain is constantly growing. In the year By 2022, the industry will generate 2.012 billion euros in revenue, an increase of 12.1 percent from last year and double the amount from 2014. This is according to the latest annual report of the Spanish Video Games Association (AEVI). Job opportunities in this sector have grown, with 9,893 jobs expected by 2022. With over 18 million regular players and 2.9 million eSports viewers, Spain ranks 12th worldwide in terms of esports viewership, despite being 30th in terms of population. This shows the importance of video games as a preferred entertainment option for the Spanish population.

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