Year in review: Media and Entertainment Law in Turkey

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The most important legal development regarding the technology, media and communication (TMT) sector in Turkey is the publication on October 18, 2022 of the Law Amending the Press Law and some other laws, which include the Internet Law, the Press Law, the Electronic Communications Law and the Criminal Law. As mentioned in Section VI, the novel provisions under the Internet Act introduce heavy obligations for social network providers regarding the structure of their environment and the management of their platforms. Moreover, the amendments made in the press law include Internet-based news sites, which brings additional obligations to such platforms. To address misinformation on social media and news, as described in Section III.i, a new crime, public dissemination of misleading information, is included in the Criminal Code. Finally, with the introduction of over-the-top services (OTTs) in the Electronic Communications Act, OTT service providers are subject to a licensing system, while the Information Technology and Communications Authority (ICTA) is empowered to make secondary regulations.

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