You’ve seen Scott Pilgrim Takes Off, now watch these other great Science Saru anime

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Scott Pilgrim roseThe anime adaptation of Brian Lee O’Malley’s hit comedy series Studio Sci-Fi premiered on Netflix last Friday. Produced and written by Omele and co-creator Bendavid Grabinski, Scott Pilgrim rose It differs greatly from the source materialsimultaneously as a series and an adaptation of O’Malley’s original comic.

If you are new to anime, Scott Pilgrim rose It could be your first introduction to the work of Sci-Fi, the Japanese animation studio co-founded by Masaki Yusa and Eung Choi. In recent years, Sci-Fi has earned a reputation as one of the most memorable anime production houses of the past decade, thanks to films and TV series and Usasa’s expressive and comic-oriented animation skills.

If you have already watched it completely Scott Pilgrim rose And you want something else to look at when doing a puzzle What this ending could mean for Scott and his friends.Don’t worry: we have the details in mind.

We’ve rounded up our favorite sci-fi animations for you to watch, from freewheeling comedies, macabre supernatural action dramas, and more.

Adventure Time, “Food Chain”

Image: Science Saru / Cartoon Network

Running time: 11 m
Where to watch: High

What better place to start a strange and wild animated journey through the sci-fi landscape than with the studio’s original production? This 11-minute episode was directed by studio co-founder Yusa Amazing time Follow Finn the Human and Jake the Dog as they oversee a field trip to the Candy Kingdom’s Natural History Museum. After being turned into birds by a troublesome magician, the pair experience the circle of life as they feed on bacteria, plants, and finally caterpillars, and later on larger birds.

It’s nice to get in and the trip is short. Amazing timeAn upcoming reality comedy special that showcases USA’s unique approach to animated comedy and storytelling.

The night is short, walk on girl

Short haired girl drinking soda by the river at night, girl walking.

Image: Science Saru / GKIDS

Running time: 1 h 32 min
Where to watch: High

The 2010 anime Tami Galaxy It’s traditionally regarded as Masaaki Yuasa’s magnum opus and one of the best anime to come out of the science fiction genre. From Tomihiko Morimi Unfortunately, at the time of this writing, Tami Galaxy Not available for release. But The night is short, walking on a girlthe standalone spiritual sequel to the series, is a good place to start if you’ve never seen a sci-fi anime before.

The night is short, walk on girl It follows an unhappy senior student at Kyoto University who plans to confess his feelings to a classmate at the school’s annual night festival. Unfortunately, the two diverge in the local nightlife, creating two parallel bar-goers and over-the-top mischief and shenanigans. If there is one anime that seems very close to this list Scott Pilgrim rose With humor and precedent, this is it.

Keep your hands off Izuku!

Midori Asakusa looks happy and determined as she holds her sketchbook in Keep Eizouken!

Image: Science Saru/Crunchyroll

Number of Episodes: 12
Where to watch: Crunchyroll

Keep your hands off Izuku! He won his way to our hearts and up Our list of the best anime of the yearIn the year When it first airs in 2020. Based on Sumito Owara’s manga, the 12-episode anime follows three high school girls. The series follows the girls’ journey through the wild world of amateur animation, first forming a “film club” to deal with opposition from their teachers and parents, before making a short film to sell their first commercial animation project.

Besides being an enjoyable anime in its own right, Keep your hands off Izuku! It’s a deep appreciation for the art and dedication of traditional cell animation, with an unrelenting focus on the struggle to take a creative vision from idea to reality. Filled with beautiful fourth-wall-breaking sequences and charming characters, Keep your hands off Izuku! He is as entertaining as a teacher.

Devilman Crybaby

In Devilman Crybaby, two young men sit together on a motorcycle.  One looks back at the other and smiles.

Image: Science Saru/Netflix

Number of Episodes: 10
Where to watch: Netflix

A long time ago Scott Pilgrim rose Usasa’s Go Nagai apocalyptic superhero manga adaptation has even been announced Devilman In the year It was a huge success for both Sci-Fi and Netflix when it launched in 2018. An alternate modern story of the original, Devilman Crybaby Centers on Akira Fudo, a lonely high school student who turns into a powerful human-demon hybrid soon after reuniting with his childhood friend Ryo Asuka. A powerful dark fantasy with intense action sequences and an ambiguous ending that straddles the line between implicit hope and outright nihilism; Devilman Crybaby It is a modern classic that is strongly recommended for anime fans. Neon Genesis Evangelion, The chainsaw man, and supernatural thriller anime X.


In Inu-Oh, two women in bubblegum green and pink

Image: Science Saru / GKIDS

Running time: 1 h 38 m
Where to watch: High

Masaki Yusa’s latest film is also, as of this writing, his last production with Sci-Fi. He announced his retirement The news came from the company shortly before the film’s release in 2021. That doesn’t mean Usasa won’t direct another project to the studio, but if he does, Inu-o It’s one hell of a time to spend there. Critic Kambole Campbell said on him For polygon evaluationThe film is, “a psychedelic, bombastic rock opera. [that] It reflects on the stories lost when society’s regulatory bodies try to control how art is made and distributed. Music has always been a big part of Usa’s animation, and here, his love for the tight relationship between visuals and music shines through into dramatic scenes and foot-stomping musical numbers. If you are looking for a related anime Scott Pilgrim rosestrong blow, Inu-o It is simple advice.

The story of Heki

Biwa dressed in an orange kimono standing in front of a cloudy sky in Heike's story.

Image: Science Saru

Number of Episodes: 11
Where to watch: Crunchyroll

The story of Heki It’s an unsung entry in the scientific grassroots body of work. That’s a shame, because the series is more painful than it deserves to be.

Directed by Naoko Yamada (K-On!, A quiet voice), this adaptation of a Japanese classic story brings Biwa a traveling orphan to the home of Lord Shigemori, a powerful lord whose servants have killed Biwa’s father. Styled as a classic tragedy, the series follows the Shigemori family members as their empire crumbles from the inside out, documenting the various ups and downs they face as Biwa plays her dialogue. The story of Heki He was one. The best anime of 2021And for good reason: a beautiful and complex story of power undone by hubris with a delicate and beautiful art style and a stirring musical score.

The ping pong animation


Image: Science Saru / Funimation

Number of Episodes: 11
Where to watch: Crunchyroll

The ping pong animation is it. One of the best anime of the last decadeBased on Taiyo Matsumoto (ed.).TekkonkinkreetAn original manga, it follows the story of two young people: Yutaka “Peko” Hoshino, a self-confident high school student who is a local ping pong whiz, and Makoto “Smiley” Tsukimoto, a reserved childhood friend.

The series follows the lives of Peko and Smiley, as the former is humbled and eventually forced to fight his limited abilities and the latter comes out of his shell to realize his potential as Ping. pong player. Animated entirely in Flash, the series is one of the most unique productions of its time: a psychological drama from the ages, with its idiosyncratic twists and turns, inspired visual and emotional stories brought to life. .

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